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  • 3 Pages Women voltaire history 1400
    Women Voltaire History 1400

    School: UConn

    10:03 Women Voltaireseeswomenasequaltothemen,equalityinintellect,opposeslegalrestriction onwomen. InCandide,hewritesabouthowtheworstthingthatcanhappentoawomenisrape. Sayswomenarethesameasmen Rousseausayswomenareinferior,feelingandnature Notgiventoreason,m

  • 3 Pages Womens Question history 1400
    Womens Question History 1400

    School: UConn

    09:54 WomensQuestion(CrisisofFamily) SimonedeBeauvoir:SecondSexbookwrittencomesoutin1949 Friedan:FeminineMystiquebookwrittenin1963idealplaceawomenshouldbeisa housewife. Contraception:illegalnorthoftheborderthenlealinMassachusettsin1972. Pillintroducedin19

  • 5 Pages Brief History of Feminism
    Brief History Of Feminism

    School: UConn

    BriefHistoryofFeminism BriefHistoryofFeminism AbigailAdamsandMaryWollstonecraft AbigailwouldwritetoJohnandtellhimremembertheladieswhilemakingconstitution. Suffrage(FirstWaveFeminism)(before1920s) Later: Dealingwithissuesofdomesticabuse(20s) Feltwasresult

  • 3 Pages Seneca Falls
    Seneca Falls

    School: UConn

    Modern History Sourcebook: The Declaration of Sentiments, Seneca Falls Conference, 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, two American activists in the movement to abolish slavery called together the first conference to address Women's rights and

  • 2 Pages History 1400 study guide 3
    History 1400 Study Guide 3

    School: UConn

    2. Discuss the transformation of the social, economic, and political position of women from the early nineteenth century to the late twentieth century. What has and has not changed for European women in this period? Is this story one of (successful? unsuc

  • 5 Pages Pre-History

    School: UConn

    Pre-History: Before any kind of written language o Cave History Pre-History: Before any kind of written language. Two most important things needed to survive food and reproduction. Cave Paintings: Masculine element. Bison wounded by arrows. Killing it

  • 4 Pages Paper 1
    Paper 1

    School: UConn

    Jaimie Kowalsky History 1502W Paper 1 In the article The Sexualization of Reconstruction Politics: White Women and Black Men in the South after the Civil War, author Martha Hodes discusses how politics were sexualized. Hodes further discusses how in the w

  • 1 Page History- Paper 2
    History- Paper 2

    School: UConn

    Eric Paliuca History 101 Paper 2 What was life like for the poor and women in the Old Regime? To answer such a question, we can simply wrap it up with one word. difficult. But life was difficult in many aspects which we will briefly explore. During t

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