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    School: Delaware

    K02_Northern_Tien_Shan tie2_98.dat Soil temperature readings (3.5, 4.0 m) at 4 hr 48 min interval from 9/5/98 to 7/10/99 tieair_98a.dat Air temperature readings at 4 hr 48 min interval from 6/6/98 to 9/2/98 tieair_98b.dat Air temperature read

  • 5 Pages nts_sum

    School: Delaware

    CALM SITE DESCRIPTION FORM SITE NAME: _K1 and K2, Kazakstan, Northern Tien Shan PRIMARY RESEARCHERS: _ Sergei Marchenko SITE LATITUDE/LONGITUDE: _43 05' N, 76 58' E SITE ELEVATION (mean elevation above sea level, meters): K1 - 3328 m a.s.l., K2 - 332

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