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  • 4 Pages computational_biology

    School: Idaho State

    Algorithms in Computational Biology / Bioinformatics Kristina Kumbulla Presentation Report Summary 1. Biological Background 2. The Sequence Alignment Problem 3. Global Alignment 4. Local Alignment 5. Ends Free Alignment 1. Biological Background Gene

  • 90 Pages DIP3E_Chapter04

    School: Idaho State

    Digital Image Processing, 3rd ed. Gonzalez & Woods www.ImageProcessingPlace.com Filtering in the Frequency Domain Chapter 4 19922008 R. C. Gonzalez & R. E. Woods Digital Image Processing, 3rd ed. Gonzalez & Woods www.ImageProcessingPlace.com Fi

  • 48 Pages solution_p1

    School: Idaho State

    Solutions for Boolean Functions and Computer Arithmetic BF-1.1 The idea of this problem is to show how English phrases are translated into logical expressions. (a) f s. In English, "but" is "and" with an underlying message: The use of "but" in this

  • 1 Page CS460 Comparative Programming Languages syllabus
    CS460 Comparative Programming Languages Syllabus

    School: Idaho State

    CS460 Comparative Programming Languages (123674) Syllabus, Fall 2006 Instructor: Vitit Kantabutra, Colonial 31, 282-3405 (W), 251-4368 (cell), vkantabu@computer.org Time: MWF 10-10:50 LEL 231 Book: Adam Brooks Webber, Modern Programming Languages: A

  • 58 Pages alberts_5

    School: Idaho State

    4 NUMBER THEORY 4:1 GREATEST COMMON DIVISORS In this chapter seemingly elementary questions from integer arithmetic lead to surprising and elegant `mathematics. We shall look at divisibility properties of integers, the greatest common divisor of two

  • 92 Pages discrete_math_lecture_notes_II

    School: Idaho State

    Free to photocopy and distribute July 17, 2008 Version David A. SANTOS dsantos@ccp.edu Notice Legal Notice This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, version 1.0 o

  • 104 Pages discrete_math_lecture_notes_I

    School: Idaho State

    July 17, 2008 REVISION David A. SANTOS dsantos@ccp.edu M M ath D at em N D isc he m atic N otes D isc rete at r ic s N otes D iscr ete s N ot es D iscr ete Ma N otes D iscr ete Ma the N otes D iscr ete Ma the mat ot isc et M th ma ics es D em ti a r

  • 25 Pages bender_2_BF

    School: Idaho State

    Unit BF Boolean Functions and Computer Arithmetic Section 1: Boolean Functions We recall the concept of a function and some of the terminology. Definition 1 (Function) If A and B are sets, a function from A to B is a rule that tells us how to find a

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