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    School: Concordia Chicago

    (1) Let and be smooth functions on an interval (a, b) on so that is equal to zero on the boundary of (a, b) and (x) = 0 on [a, b]. Show that for all N > 0 there exists a constant CN such that b | a (x) sin (x) dx| CN -N . (2) Given a vector s

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    School: Concordia Chicago

    MATH 16300 SECTION 50, HOMEWORK 1 DUE DATE TUESDAY APRIL 17 (1) Show that the function f : R R+ given by f (x) = x2 , is not uniformly continuous on R. (2) Let a > 0 and f (x) = x if x [a, a] Q, 0 if x [a, a] \ Q. Find supP L(P, f ) and inf P U

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