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  • 44 Pages Marx+Manifesto

    School: Duke

    Manifesto of the Communist Party Karl Marx and Frederick Engels Manifesto of the Communist Party By Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels Written: Late 1847. First Published: February 1848. Source: Marx/Engels Selected Works, Volume One, Progress Publishers, Mosc

  • 3 Pages Exam 2 Bio 46
    Exam 2 Bio 46

    School: Duke

    Bio 46 Exam 2 Due in Class on 11/6/06 PLEASE PRINT OUT AND COMPLETE IN PEN You are welcome to use your notes, books, or other references while completing this exam. However, the work you submit should be solely the product of your own intellectual e

  • 34 Pages class notes
    Class Notes

    School: Duke

    notes:culture, assumptions, epistemology (from class) Culture From Cultivate as in agriculture Complex relation with Nature (itself a highly cultural idea) EPISTEMOLOGY the study of how we know what we know (may put the we into question) MAKE BELIEVE Do o

  • 6 Pages 2009-02-09_Church History
    2009-02-09_Church History

    School: Duke

    Page 1 of 6 2/9/2009 Church History February 9, 2009 Relationship to God and relationship to other people. Everyone stands in two relationships. The first to God, from whom we are receivers. Here we are passive in that it is God who initiates the giving.

  • 32 Pages Chapter 20
    Chapter 20

    School: Duke

    Chapter 20 Prices and Distortions Across Markets So far, we have usually treated a market as if it was literally that: A place where buyers and sellers come together, compete with one another and trade goods at the prices that emerge in equilibrium.1 But

  • 4 Pages Economists-+quotes

    School: Duke

    1 ECON99FCS.o1:AnIntro.toGameTheory EconomistsataGlance AdamSmith TheTheoryofMoralSentiments(1759) Howselfishsoever[ahu]manmaybesupposed,thereareevidentlysomeprinciplesinhis[/her]nature,whichinterest him[/her]inthefortuneofothers,andrendertheirhappinessn

  • 12 Pages ch. 13 notes
    Ch. 13 Notes

    School: Duke

    An American Renaissance: Religion, Romanticism, and Reform Enlightenment prevailed in America-strict rationalism and republicanism Rational Religion Americans' special mission to provide example of republican virtue o Impatience and perfectionism Re

  • 15 Pages EU-Turkey paper
    EU-Turkey Paper

    School: Duke

    Turkey and the European Union: Complex Controversy, Inevitable Alteration Kristen Stortz Carlos Rodriguez European Economy November, 2007 1 Recent world trends have seen the break-up of numerous dynasties and empires resulting in a multitude of sm

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