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  • 3 Pages Research Paper Requirements outline
    Research Paper Requirements Outline

    School: Illinois State

    Research Paper Requirements outline Thesis Question: Is International law doing enough to protect civilians, specifically Middle Eastern/ north African, from the collateral damage of war caused by the use of combat equipped drones? 1. Introduction a. One

  • 4 Pages Antebellum Slavery notes
    Antebellum Slavery Notes

    School: Illinois State

    Tuesday 10/1/13 History 244- Antebellum Slavery I. Introduction -hetereogenous system-extremely varied 1.Varied by master-can treat them well or poorly, native Americans owned slaves too 2.varied by region- slavery seen harsher in deep south than upper so

  • 13 Pages IHL presentation
    IHL Presentation

    School: Illinois State

    Drone Wafare and Civilian Casualties John Gallagher and Jesse Shapiro Introduction War and war technologies are in a constant state of change The enemy blends into society Development of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Research question Is internationa

  • 4 Pages International Law Presentation Outline
    International Law Presentation Outline

    School: Illinois State

    Introduction: War and war technologies are ever-changing o Traditional battle lines have disappeared Enemy combatants are often found in urban areas blending in as civilians The development of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) o o Has led to increased cap

  • 6 Pages Lab3-ImpulseMomentumWB

    School: Illinois State

    Introduction This lab introduced the class to the concept of impulse, which is the product of force multiplied by the time that force acts, as well as momentum, which is the product of an objects mass and its velocity (1). After these two concepts we

  • 12 Pages Com&Org -Group Paper
    Com&Org -Group Paper

    School: Illinois State

    Community Analysis of East Aurora SWK 4010-03 Professor Brickman Monday, December 2, 2013 Community Analysis of East Aurora Community Study Introduction For our community study we chose the East side of Aurora. There were many reasons we wanted to work on

  • 7 Pages Sociology Exam 3 study guide
    Sociology Exam 3 Study Guide

    School: Illinois State

    Study Guide for American Family, Spring 2011, with Dr. Maria Schmeeckle Exam 3 consists of 50 multiple choice questions (2 points each). There are items from class presentations from 3/17 up through 4/7. As for readings, youll need to study Obamas Dreams

  • 2 Pages Goals for the North and South
    Goals For The North And South

    School: Illinois State

    Goals for the North and South. North(annihilation) South (Attrition) Anihalaition requires invasion and offense. Confederacy just had to survive Specific strategy-North-Anaconda plan encircle them stop things from coming in and strangle them. Strategy-Gra

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