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The PSY department at Miami University features a variety of courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Miami University | PSY
  • Miami University
  • Peter Wessels, Elizabeth Brown, SIMSON, KOOP, Dr. Oswald, Hugenberg, Barbara Oswald, Len Mark, August Scolio, Hibbeler, Berry, Dr. Kurt Hugenburg, Yetz, EVANS, Angela Volz, David Knight, Spangler, Brooke Spangler, Knight, Gidd, David King, Kuler, Smart, Larry Leitner, Yvette Harris, Long , Weise, Leonard Smart, Barnstein, Peterson, Shelly Jebens, Dr. Hall, Carrie Hall, Dr. Spangler, Dr. Clerkin And Dr. Flaspohler, Pallidino, Wessels , Kiel, Peter Simson, Limegrover, Cooper, Palladino, Kannel, SHORE, MIGNON, Dr. Brooke Spangler, Allen McConnel, Oswald, Messman-Moore & Walker, Luebbe, Harris, Schroeder, Paul Flaspohler, Cole, Dr. Smart, Bornstein, STAFF, Bangart, Dr. Wessels , Mr. Eric Littman, Dr. Kunstman, Dr. Peter Wessels, Allen McConnell, Kunstman, Jay Scolio, BROWN, Chartier, HALL
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