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Kentucky - STA 705
  • 12 Pages iqp3

    School: Kentucky

    COMPUTATION OF THE EMPIRICAL LIKELIHOOD RATIO FROM CENSORED DATA Kun Chen and Mai Zhou 1 Bayer Pharmaceuticals and University of Kentucky Summary The empirical likelihood ratio method is a general nonparametric inference procedure that has many desi

  • 3 Pages homework2

    School: Kentucky

    Homework 2 STA705 Spring 2006 Due the week of January 30 A contour plot is relatively easy to construct in R. Let afunc be a function of the form afunc(x,y,others) where at least one of the x and y may be a vector and others can be any other paramet

  • 17 Pages spatial

    School: Kentucky

    J. R. Statist. Soc. B (2001) 63, Part 2, pp. 339355 Maximum likelihood estimation for spatial models by Markov chain Monte Carlo stochastic approximation Ming Gao Gu Chinese University of Hong Kong, People's Republic of China and Hong-Tu Zhu Univer

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