• 3 Pages Vision Chapter 14
    Vision Chapter 14

    School: Oklahoma State

    Course: HIST 1113

    Rob Baker. Haar. Survey of American History. October 6, 2011. For Something Beyond the Battlefield. 1. (A) What meaning, according to Blight, did Frederick Douglass attach to the Civil War and Reconstruction? (A). According to Blight, Frederick Do...

  • 2 Pages Visions Chapter 14
    Visions Chapter 14

    School: Oklahoma State

    Course: HIST 1103

    1. (a) What meaning, according to Blight, did Frederick Douglass attach to the Civil War and Reconstruction? (a) Blight claims that Frederick Douglass attached Civil War and Reconstruction to emancipation. Douglass believed that emancipation was a...

  • 2 Pages VISION ch 19
    VISION Ch 19

    School: Oklahoma State

    Course: HIST 1113

    Baker. Rob Baker. Haar. Survey of American History. November 4, 2011. 1918. 1. (A) According to the author, what began and ended the “twentieth century,” how long was it, and why does he refer to it as “the American century”? (A) The twentieth...

  • 1 Page Visions CH4
    Visions CH4

    School: Oklahoma State

    Course: HIST 1103

    Sydney Grimmett1. What John Adams meant by We must Suffer People to take their own Way, wasthat if they pushed independence on Americans too hard then they might go backto Britain. What he meant by Suffer People was to suffer and wait forindepende...

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  • 8 Pages Review

    School: Kennesaw

    Course: HIST 2112

    Kennesaw State University. History 2112 – Test 2 Study Guide. Dr. Nicholson,. [Test 2 will cover Tindall/Shi Chs. 23-27, and Loewen Ch. 1]. Ch. 23. Motives of Imperialism. ... Herbert Hoover (efforts to deal with the Depression). Commerce at the ...

  • 15 Pages Midterm 2 Review
    Midterm 2 Review

    School: Berkeley

    Course: HISTORY 122AC

    ... Focused on stopping mail system on Sunday. -This was the first step to bring government in line with the dictates of religions law -Failed to achieve the goal because Democrats blocked it (partially on grounds of religions freedom) -Helped org...

  • 2 Pages history 241 notes
    History 241 Notes

    School: Oregon

    Course: HIST 241

    History 241 Notes: Attempts to implement pacification by the US and South Vietnamese were failing in Vietnam before 1967. Some of these reforms sought to only improve coordination, but failed to unify command or direction. US resisted pacification...

  • 15 Pages Final Exam Review Questions
    Final Exam Review Questions

    School: LSU

    Course: HIST 2055

    Final Exam Review Questions (ABBY IS THE FUCKIN SHIT) 1. What is a Government? o The individuals who at any one particular time occupy offices vested with public authority To identify a government is to know when a change has occurred in the governm.

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  • 6 Pages Final Paper Jerusalem Bible
    Final Paper Jerusalem Bible

    School: CUNY Baruch

    Course: HIS 1001

    ... As a result, Yahweh threatens to unleash chaos on Jerusalem and "scour Jerusalem as someone scours a dish and, having scoured it, turns it upside down" (pg 360). Manasseh soon "[gets] buried in the garden of his palace" and...

  • 11 Pages history paper 2 athenian constitution
    History Paper 2 Athenian Constitution

    School: CUNY Baruch

    Course: HIS 1001

    Daniel KhalilovQuestion 1: The Athenian ConstitutionNovember 20th, 2011Athens underwent stages that shifted power from aristocrats to peasants over the courseof several centuries, or the shift from an aristocracy to a democracy. The time period fr...

  • 4 Pages history 241 essay 1
    History 241 Essay 1

    School: Oregon

    Course: HIST 241

    History 241. Written Assignment 1. Malayan Emergency. In 1948, after suffering from several fatal attacks, the British in Malaya were forced to declare a state of emergency. Within the first stages of this Malayan Emergency, which lasted for twelv...

  • 5 Pages Sitting Bull Paper #1-3
    Sitting Bull Paper #1-3

    School: Oklahoma State

    Course: HIST 1113

    ... by. Gary C. Anderson. Survey of American History. 1103.007. Colin Gross. 1. Did American nationalism have to come at the expense of cultural diversity? ... Why should a cultural group that has been doing the same thing forever have to change i...

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  • 3 Pages HIST020_Lecture Week 7
    HIST020_Lecture Week 7

    School: UC Riverside

    Course: HIST 20W

    HIST202012.11.14Essay topics:Third WorldDecolonization & NationalizationTerms: Ho Chi Minh Vietminh = League for the Independence of Vietnam Domino effect Ngo Dinh Diem Viet Cong Tonkin Gulf ResolutionWars against France and America in Vietnam.

  • 3 Pages history lecture 1
    History Lecture 1

    School: Oklahoma State

    Course: HIST 1113

    LECTURE #1: Colonization of the AmericasKEY WORDS(1) MERCANTILISM and (2) COLUMBIAN EXCHANGEPart I:ABOriginal InhabitantsHunters and gatherers here first. Established their own villages.Bering strait how they got here.Mexico before ColumbusTolt.

  • 2 Pages History 1302 lecture March 22
    History 1302 Lecture March 22

    School: Minnesota

    Course: HIST 1302W

    History 1302 lecture March 22, 2010. Social programs created during the Great Depression: WPA work progress association. FDIC insured deposits. American's stance on isolationism did not change throughout these hard economic times. “Good neigh...

  • 39 Pages Ch 4
    Ch 4

    School: UCSB

    Course: HIST 177

    Elusive Eden: A New History of California, fourth edition CHAPTER FOUR: ESTANISLAO'S REBELLION, 1829. Estanislao's Challenge. February 1829 neophytes Macario and Benigno tending ...

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  • 2 Pages study source exam 2
    Study Source Exam 2

    School: Colorado

    Course: HIST 1025

    History 1025. Spring 2009. Getting Ready for the Second Exam. This exam will cover chapters 21 through 25 in the textbook, the related readings in the Johnson book, and lectures from February 18 through March 16—that is, from the beginning of the...

  • 16 Pages 170 study guide for exam 1
    170 Study Guide For Exam 1

    School: Orange Coast College

    Course: HISTORY 170

    LA Douglas History 170 Study Guide # 1. When, from where, and how did the first humans arrive in North America? - The ancestors or bearers of the Native Americans. What impact did the arrival of humans have on America? -. What was maize and how di...

  • 3 Pages test 2 history
    Test 2 History

    School: U. Memphis

    Course: HIST 1110

    History 1110-010 Test 2 Review. Hinduism was a main focus of society in the Bhagavad-Gita. Hinduism arouse roughly around the 1 st m BCE in South Asia. It is known as the “eternal religion”; due to the fact, it has no beginning or end with a spe...

  • 4 Pages History 110 Midterm Study Guide
    History 110 Midterm Study Guide

    School: Cal Poly

    Course: HISTORY 110

    History 110. Midterm Study Guide. Possible Short Answers. (2 sentences- ID and Historical Importance). TERM, ID, HI. The Nile River, A fertile river in Egypt on which one of the first river empire was built upon. The environment allowed surplus to...

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  • 1 Page Chapter 6 worksheet
    Chapter 6 Worksheet

    School: Maryland

    Course: HIST 157

    Taylor IrelandOctober 19, 2009Holte 0104Chapter 6 Living under Fire: World War I Soldiers DiariesSource Analysis TableSourceFood and SleepRain and MudRoads andCombat andTransport1. Kennedy2. Trible3. StraubAble to sleepin spite of theconst.

  • 3 Pages HISTORY-Cronon Worksheet
    HISTORY-Cronon Worksheet

    School: GA Southern

    Course: HIST 1

    Reading WorksheetWilliam Cronon, Changes in the LandIndians1. How did the Indians occupy the land?Indians moved from place to place with the seasons. They would set up atemporary settlement around the resource they were mainly after and when the s...

  • 1 Page Chapter 4 Worksheet
    Chapter 4 Worksheet

    School: Maryland

    Course: HIST 157

    Taylor IrelandSeptember 21, 2009David HolteChapter 4 Immigrant to the Promised Land: Memory and AutobiographySource Analysis TableExcerpt from Autobiography1. I Discover Hull-HouseStories That Can Be Verified2. The Oasis in the Desert3. The Ghett.

  • 2 Pages History HW#2
    History HW#2

    School: CUNY Baruch

    Course: HIS His 1001

    Ying Wang. History 1001. Pro. Trumbach. 10/18/2013. Summary. Speeches play an important role in Thucydides' history, but remember: it is the historian who has set down these speeches in writing; he had no written originals from which to work. ...

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  • 22 Pages StudyGuide2

    School: Lone Star College

    Course: HIST 1301

    6/15/09 9:55 AM. 6/15/09 9:55 AM. 6/15/09 9:55 AM. 6/15/09 9:55 AM. 6/15/09 9:55 AM. HISTORY 1301 STUDY GUIDE #2. [317] = page number in text. [L] = lecture. [I] = internet notes. [V] = video. ∑ = possible essay question. CHAPTER 8 COMPLETING TH...

  • 4 Pages Study Guide
    Study Guide

    School: Kennesaw

    Course: HIST 2112

    Kennesaw State University. History 2112. Dr. Nicholson. Test 1 Study Guide. Review the following concepts/people/events that we have discussed in Tindall/Shi Chs. 19-22 and Loewen Chs. 4, 7: Ch. 19. Henry Grady's vision. Democracy; Small Farms...

  • 1 Page Henretta Ch.21 Study Guide
    Henretta Ch.21 Study Guide

    School: Diablo Valley College

    Course: HIST 121

    Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan. Study Guide for Henretta, Chapter 21 “An Emerging World Power, 1877-1914. 1.Introduction: Briefly describe the rise of the United States as a world Power. 2. Describe the Pacific Episodes during ...

  • 32 Pages HIST_2112_-_Sharp_-_Study_Guides

    School: Georgia Tech

    Course: HIST 2112

    HIST 2 112-studyguide for third examYou should be familiar with the following names, terms, concepts, etc.: Presidents Eisenhower through Clinton Neil Armstrong (key accomplishments of each) Kent State demonstrations John Foster Dulles and the &qu...

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  • 5 Pages HISTORY 151 Syllabus Spring 20111
    HISTORY 151 Syllabus Spring 20111

    School: Purdue

    Course: HIST 151

    HISTORY 15100-001. AMERICAN HISTORY TO 1877. SPRING 2011. Professor Michael A. Morrison Office Hours: Office: University Hall 123 Monday 12:00-1:00 pm. & by appointment. Phone: 463-0087 (home). E-mail: mmorrison@purdue.edu (work) nfg.mam@front...

  • 2 Pages HIS103 Rio Course Syllabus 06-27-10
    HIS103 Rio Course Syllabus 06-27-10

    School: Rio Salado

    Course: HIS 103

    Course Syllabus. Course Title, Course Title: United States History to 1870 Course Number: HIS103, Course Description, The political, economic, and social development of the United States from Colonial through Reconstruction period. Prerequisites: ...

  • 9 Pages BUAD 479 syllabus
    BUAD 479 Syllabus

    School: Delaware

    Course: HIST 479

    ... 9. Quelch, John, Anita Elberse, and Anna Harrington (2005). “The Passion of the Christ,” HBS Case #9- 505-025. 10. Lassiter, Joseph B., and Dan Heath (2005). “Icebreaker,” HBS Case #9-806-006. 11. Wosinska, Marta and Youngme Moon (2005). ...

  • 5 Pages HIST 1003 syllabus
    HIST 1003 Syllabus

    School: LSU

    Course: HIST 1003

    History 1003 Western Civilization Fall 2011. Professor S. Marchand TA Katherine Sawyer. Office: 250F Himes Office: 312 Himes; OH: Th. 12-1. OH: Tues. 12-1:30, Wed. 2-3 email: ksawye2@tigers.edu. Office phone: 8-4454 Supplemental Instructor: Amanda...