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  • 4 Pages Chapter 5 Lecture Notes
    Chapter 5 Lecture Notes

    School: Charleston

    Course: PHYS 415

    ... 5. HYDROSTATIC FLUIDS An important example of a fluid at rest is the case where the lone body force is gravity, which is counterbalanced by an appropriate gradient in pressure. Here there are two extreme situations which we can consider: 1) on...

  • 10 Pages PHYS 1525 Cardiology, BP & Weight Control Notes
    PHYS 1525 Cardiology, BP & Weight Control Notes

    School: Life Chiropractic College West

    Course: PHYS 1525

    ... Variations in arterial pressure. Systolic Pressure. Diastolic Pressure. Mean Arterial Pressure (at rest) = diastolic pressure + 1/3 pulse pressure = diastolic pressure + 1/3 (systolic pressure – diastolic pressure). Pulse Pressure = Systolic ...

  • 7 Pages phys cardiac notes 4
    Phys Cardiac Notes 4

    School: Saint Louis

    Course: PHYS 100

    ... 1/3 extracellular. *80% of this is interstitial fluid. *20% of this is blood plasma. Exchange of Fluid between Capillaries and Tissues. -distribution of ECF between blood and interstitial compartments is in state of equilibrium. -movement out ...

  • 79 Pages PHYS 1525 MASTER Lecture Notes
    PHYS 1525 MASTER Lecture Notes

    School: Life Chiropractic College West

    Course: PHYS 1525

    ... The hydrostatic pressure differences are much greater than the oncotic pressure differences which causes water (fluid) to be pushed out of the capillary. At the venular end – [(pc – pi) > (Pc – Pi)]: There is still hydrostatic pressure d...

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  • 6 Pages Cell Biology Lecture 13 Aug 12-2 G.206
    Cell Biology Lecture 13 Aug 12-2 G.206

    School: University Of Western Sydney

    Course: SCIENCE 300816

    ... ie the hallway analogy of people trying to leave lecture theatre and those trying to get in; just because there's a transporter doesn't mean you can get in. Depends on the concentration gradient. Osmosis: Cytosol of cell = aqueous solu...

  • 9 Pages Lecture21-2008

    School: Utah State

    Course: PHYSICS 1800

    ... Pressure is a scalar quantity and has magnitude but no direction. Gravity is the cause of hydrostatic pressure resulting in an increase in pressure with depth. Gravity and Hydrostatic Pressure. Question: What is pressure on area 'A' at...

  • 30 Pages Lecture 3 - 12S
    Lecture 3 - 12S

    School: UC Riverside

    Course: PHYS 40B

    ... 1 atmosphere (atm) = 101.3 k Pa Pressure in Liquids P = P 0 + Pgd Hydrostatic Pressure Equation where P 0 = pressure on top of fluid column d = depth of column Pgd = pressure due to column of liquid NO: pressure at base of left column is...

  • 23 Pages P2207_fall10_lecture33

    School: Cornell

    Course: PHYS 2207

    ... Real: Temperature changes with altitude! Py graph is different Temperature versus Altitude: C F 1º / 100 m up to 10 km height Why are the horizontal bands on this grain silo more closely spaced near the bottom? Why doesn't a giraffe...

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  • 8 Pages Physics 132 midterm 1 solutions Fall 2010 Salik
    Physics 132 Midterm 1 Solutions Fall 2010 Salik

    School: Cal Poly Pomona

    Course: PHY 132

    PHY 132 Midterm-1 October 25, 2010 NAME: PART A: Multiple Choice Questions. 1. The hydrostatic pressure at a certain depth in the ocean is 2 atm. The pressure will be 4 atm if you go A) twice B) three times C) four times D) five times as deep. 2. ...

  • 12 Pages Quiz1a

    School: UCSD

    Course: PHYSICS 2C

    ... A) When an ice cube floating in a glass of water melts, the level of water remains the same. B) The reason that buoyant force acts upward on a submerged object is that upward pressure against the bottom is greater than downward pressure agains...

  • 15 Pages BIO 734 Exam 3(2)
    BIO 734 Exam 3(2)

    School: Oakland University

    Course: PHY 102

    ... A. exhalation. B. the skeletal muscle pump. C. hypertension. D. sympathetic stimulation of the veins. 18. The _____ is equal to the hydrostatic pressure of the blood in the capillaries minus the hydrostatic pressure of tissue interstitial flui...

  • 3 Pages 253_exam_2_post_13

    School: Edison High, Edison

    Course: SCIENCE Anatomy &

    ... d. a lower resting stroke volume e. more subcutaneous adipose tissue 9. Filtration occurs at the arterial end of a capillary because ___. a. plasma proteins normally leak into the extracellular fluid at this end b. capillary hydrostatic pressu...

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  • 1 Page hw111_11.4

    School: Elgin Community College

    Course: PHY 111

    Hydrostatic Pressure An object is submerged in a static fluid at a depth below surface level. The pressure resulting from the fluid weight above the submerged object is the hydrostatic pressure: All sides of the submerged object have equal applied...

  • 7 Pages 22PS3-SOLUTIONS

    School: UCSB

    Course: PHYS 21

    ... it might fall over or yield in some way. That risk is avoided by using a team of two horses. Page 3 of 7 Physics 22 Problem Set #3- SOLUTIONS Spring 2012 Problem 17.8 Calculate the hydrostatic difference in blood pressure in a person of heig...

  • 2 Pages P2207_Assignment_12_2010

    School: Cornell

    Course: PHYS 2207

    ... How reasonable is our assumption that liquids are incompressible? 3. (a) When a person of average size is standing, the brain is approximately 0.35 m above the heart and the feet are roughly 1.5 m below the heart. What is the blood pressure at...

  • 2 Pages Math%202333_HW5_F10

    School: UT Dallas

    Course: BA 2301

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  • 2 Pages Ch 1 Study Guide Key
    Ch 1 Study Guide Key

    School: Charlottesville High

    Course: SCIENCE Anatomy An

    ... Baboons. Duh! These factors must be regulated in both quantity and quality. The two types of pressure are hydrostatic pressure and atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is necessary for breathing and hydrostatic pressure is necessary for ...

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