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People of Chaco: A Canyon and Its Culture, Updated and Expanded Edition
People of Chaco: A Canyon and Its Culture, Updated and Expanded Edition

Author: Kendrick Frazier

ISBN: 9780393318258

Documents: 15

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  • New World Notes
    38 Pages
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    New World Notes
    Course: ANTHRO 350
    School: Wisc Oshkosh

    10/26 *Video: Iowa's Ancient Hunters 1978* - Cherokee site near Cherokee, Iowa - 3 sites - Hunting/Butchering Site - Horizon 1 layer was first. - As you start going down, the horizon #'s go up. - Heavy equipment was used - Allowed for a reconstructi

  • Section 3 Anthropology Notes
    18 Pages
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    Section 3 Anthropology Notes
    Course: ANTH 263g
    School: USC

    Section Three Anthropology Notes 10/29/07 Movie Strangers Abroad, Off the Veranda Trobirand islanders o Economic exchange is mainly male o Arm shells and necklaces = money Kula o Exchange involved no ordinary presents and was between special friends

  • march19
    6 Pages
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    Course: ANTH 205
    School: Arizona

    March 19 The Anasazi Lecture Outline: - Anasazi culture area mostly on the Colorado Plateau, but also extends into the Transition Zone - elevations range from 1370-2600m or 4500-8500 ft - mesas, canyons, escarpments - tops of higher mesas, juniper-pi

  • ANTH 1300 Exam I Study Guide
    4 Pages
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    ANTH 1300 Exam I Study Guide
    Course: ANTH 1140
    School: Wyoming

    ANTH 1300 Exam I Study Guide Important People (what is their contribution? What did they contribute to the development of archaeology?) James Ussher-the primate of all Ireland, a prolific scholar who published a chronology that dealt with time and da

  • classnotes
    7 Pages
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    Course: ANTH 418
    School: Arizona

    JAN. 14 Classificatory-descriptive period 1840-1914 Created the idea of stratigraphy Unilineal evolution- savage, barbarism, civilization all cultures classified in these groups Rise of geology, Darwins theory Historical particularism- Native America

  • Lecture03_DynamicSkiesAncientAstronomy
    24 Pages
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    Course: PHYS 1040
    School: Weber

    the Dynamic Skies & Ancient Astronomy Lecture 3 PH 1040: Astronomy Shane L. Larson Weber State University 1 Storyline The sky this week The Moving Sky Gridding the sky Astronomy & time 2 Lines on the Sky Poles: points about which Celestial s

  • History 105 Notes 8-29
    3 Pages
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    History 105 Notes 8-29
    Course: HIST 105
    School: Texas A&M

    Office Hours 12:30 1:30 MWF History Building Office 002 Tenochtitlan city larger than London or Paris, 150-200 thousand living, built in a lake Cahokia Anasazi, drought period ruined them. Chaco Canyon Eurocentric European point of view Reconqu

  • weekly 7
    3 Pages
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    weekly 7
    Course: ANTH 151
    School: Hawaii

    Valerie Henderson 10/15/07 Weekly #6 Chapters 7/8: Chiefs and Chiefdoms/State-Organized Societies 1.Reciprocity and "Big Men": family-closer together, more important, depend each other -trade/exchange-complicated networks link village w/ village, hou

  • Overview
    66 Pages
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    Course: SAIER 144
    School: UCSD

    Our Precarious Earth and its Biosphere Milton Saier Professor of Molecular Biology University of California, San Diego msaier@ucsd.edu Population Reduction and Earth Preservation (PREP) honors EARTH DAY - EVERY DAY! One people, One biosphere, One

  • Historical_Astronomy
    31 Pages
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    Course: AST 1001
    School: Appalachian State

    Historical Astronomy Humanity's interest in Astronomy dates back to prehistoric times, perhaps even to the origin of Homo Sapiens, 100,000 or more years ago. Certain prehistoric sites have clear astronomical associations, even though their primary

  • Midterm ANT 206
    8 Pages
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    Midterm ANT 206
    Course: ANT 206
    School: N. Arizona

    Lena Lander ANT 206/Professor Smiley November 26, 2007 Midterm 1. Part 1: Cultures There are several theories as to where the first people that will be discussed here came from. The first theory is the Clovis First Theory1. This proposes that people

  • 07_dsi_chapter6
    8 Pages
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    Course: ETD 11132005
    School: Fayetteville State University

    CHAPTER 6 CONCLUSION: MUSEOLOGY AND MARITIME SITES The challenge in applying museological strategy and theory to the management of in situ terrestrial and submerged maritime sites is that museum professionals and historic preservationists have not y

  • Lecture 3 The Structure of American Archaeology
    13 Pages
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    Lecture 3 The Structure of American Archaeology
    Course: ANTH 2363
    School: Southern Methodist

    Archaeological Concepts Applied, engaged, and public anthropology. The application of anthropological data, perspectives, theory and techniques to identify, assess, and address contemporary social issues Kinds of Archaeology Prehistoric Archaeology

  • Civilizations
    3 Pages
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    Course: ALS 3133
    School: University of Florida

    C The Environmentalist, 24, 195197, 2004 2005 Springer Science + Business Media, Inc. Manufactured in The Netherlands. Essay: The Rise and Fall of Civilizations As the world reforms, procreation escalates, the innate response to death close your ey

  • Native American Architecture
    207 Pages
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    Native American Architecture
    Course: ARCH 370
    School: Cal Poly

    Fire and Native American Architecture and Place FNR 308 Summer 2008 Michael Lucas Associate Professor of Architecture naxkoohumeew waapii klishooxkw (sing of the white sun; munsee delaware) where I am coming from more of what you expect

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