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An Introduction to Radiobiology
An Introduction to Radiobiology

Author: A. H. W. Nias

ISBN: 9780471975908

Documents: 15

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  • doc00002
    2 Pages
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    Course: MAILMAN 0705
    School: St. Mary MD

    State-Planned Teaching Material for Higher Education in accordance with The 10th 5-Year Plan MEDICAL RADIOBIOLOGY (Revised 3rd Edition) by Shu-Zheng Liu (Chief Editor) G.Z. Ju, X.Y. Li, S.L. Gong (Assistant Editors) and six other authors Published b

  • radiation_facts
    3 Pages
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    Course: PUBS 20771
    School: Stanford

    Nuclear Terrorism: Risks and Realities Radiation Fact Sheet What is radiation? Radiation is any form of energy propagated as rays, waves, or energetic particles that travels through the air or a material medium. Radioactive materials are composed of

  • lecture1_pp
    7 Pages
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    Course: PHY 138
    School: Toledo

    PHY138Y Nuclear and Radiation Professor Tony Key MP401 key@physics.utoronto.ca First Question Which of the following medical or dental procedures have you or a family member undergone? A. X-rays - for diagnosis or therapy B. Use of Radioisotopes -

  • LECTURE 20
    24 Pages
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    LECTURE 20
    Course: MICROBIO 160
    School: UMass (Amherst)

    Lecture #20: Soaking Up the Sun & Skin Cancer Biology of Cancer and AIDS Skin Cancer Each Year over 1.3 million people in the United States find out that they have skin cancer Skin cancer is almost 100% curable if found and treated right away Skin

  • Notes_S1L1
    9 Pages
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    Course: MBP 1023
    School: Toledo

    INTRODUCTION TO IONIZING RADIATION (Attix Chapter 1 p. 1-5) Ionizing radiation: Particle or electromagnetic radiation that is capable of ionizing matter. IR interacts through different types of "collision events": ionizations, excitations and dissoc

  • IM03
    2 Pages
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    Course: CHEM 2200
    School: Laurentian

    3 Nuclear Radiation Study Goals Identify the types of radiation as alpha particles, beta particles or gamma radiation. Describe the methods required for proper shielding for each type of radiation. Write an equation for an atom that undergoes r

  • chm115_lecture5 1-22-08
    23 Pages
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    chm115_lecture5 1-22-08
    Course: CHM 115
    School: Purdue

    Chemistry 115 Lecture 5 Outline Chapter 24 Nuclear Transmutation Radiation, Dosages Nuclear Medicine HW3: Due Friday, Jan 25 (Quiz 2) Ch 24: Radioactive Decay. Radiation Dosage, Nuclear Medicine Binding Energy, Nuclear Power Recitation: Nuclear Stab

  • 32531-32541
    70 Pages
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    Course: SUPER 7
    School: Pittsburgh

    Radiation Dr. Rasha Salama PhD Community Medicine Suez Canal University Egypt Definition of Radiation "Radiation is an energy in the form of electro-magnetic waves or particulate matter, traveling in the air." Forces: There are many interactions a

  • Chapter8
    52 Pages
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    Course: CHEM 1016
    School: Virginia Tech

    Chemistry in Focus 3rd edition Tro Chapter 8 Nuclear Chemistry Review of element symbols Radiation The emission of energetic particles The study of it and the processes that produce it is called nuclear chemistry. Unlike the chemistry we have

  • lecture 20
    4 Pages
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    lecture 20
    Course: PUBLIC HEA 832:335
    School: Rutgers

    Goals Lecture 20 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology 1. Give examples of environmental agents and associated health outcomes Understand and describe landmark environmental and occupational studies 2. Health Consequences of Environmental

  • ENGS11-2007-chemthreats
    16 Pages
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    Course: ENGS 11
    School: Dartmouth

    Nuclear and Chemical Threats ENGS11 Jay C. Buckey, Jr. Professor of Medicine, DMS Homeland Security-Feedback But rst Prof. Bs paper writing tips A containerized nuke exploding in the Port of Los Angeles would be really, really bad! Six million peop

  • Chapter 4 Part 2
    39 Pages
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    Chapter 4 Part 2
    Course: CHEMISTRY CH105
    School: BC

    Radioisotopic Dating Carbon-14 Dating: Of the stable carbon on earth, about 99% is C-12 and 1% is C-13. The half-life of carbon-14 is 5730 years. Carbon-14 is formed in the upper atmosphere by the bombardment of ordinary nitrogen atoms by neutrons fr

  • INE 3
    47 Pages
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    INE 3
    Course: ENGR 1961
    School: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Radiation and Radiation Safety Intro to NEEP Dr. Peter F. Caracappa, CHP Radiation Safety Officer Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Topics Types of Radiation Radioactive Decay Radiation Units Biological Effects of Radiation Radiation Sources a

  • px308_handout3
    5 Pages
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    Course: PX 308
    School: East Los Angeles College

    PX308 Physics in Medicine Radiotherapy Facts about Radiotherapy: The deliberate damaging of cells using ionising radiation Within a year of the discovery of x-rays (1895) it was understood that x-rays could cause skin damage Within a year of the dis

  • Chapter 3 Radioactivity 1210
    65 Pages
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    Chapter 3 Radioactivity 1210
    Course: PDFS 1210
    School: TN Tech

    Wilhelm Roentgen and X-rays Studied the glow caused by the cathode ray tube: - Chemically treated paper glowed - Even through walls! - Put his hand between the rays and the paper. Discovery of Radioactivity Becquerel found that uranium ores would

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