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Microbial Biochemistry
Microbial Biochemistry

Author: M. L. Srivastava

ISBN: 9781842654248

Documents: 15

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  • Chapter 5 Microbial Biotechnology-cont.....ppt 2
    50 Pages
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    Chapter 5 Microbial Biotechnology-cont.....ppt 2
    Course: BTECH 3100
    School: Kennesaw

    Chapter 5 Microbial Biotechnology. BTEC3301 Microbial Biotechnology MICROORGANISMS AS TOOLS INDUSTRIAL USE OF ENZYMES Several thermostable enzymes, like the Taq polymerase have been identified and widely used in PCR and other reactions. Cel

  • chapter_1
    7 Pages
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    Course: BISC 300
    School: University of Dundee

    What is microbiology? Chapter 1 The History and Scope of Microbiology study of organisms too small to be clearly seen by the unaided eye (i.e., microorganisms) microorganisms include viruses, bacteria, protozoa, algae, and fungi 1 2 Discovery of

  • Chapter_1_lecture_outline
    6 Pages
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    Course: BIOL 2051
    School: LSU

    Chapter 1: Microbial Life: Origin and Discovery What Is a Microbe? 6 major groups studied by microbiologists Prokaryotes 1. 2. Eukaryotes 1. 2. 3. Viruses Microbes Shape Human History Microbes affect food availability Microbial diseases change

  • chapter_30
    15 Pages
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    Course: BICS 300
    School: University of Dundee

    Soil as an Environment for Microorganisms Chapter 30 Microorganisms in Terrestrial Environments 1 dominated by inorganic geological material modified by organisms to form soils in ideal soils, microorganisms in close contact with oxygen rainfal

  • Lecture 1_Historical Content
    18 Pages
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    Lecture 1_Historical Content
    Course: BIOL 4125
    School: LSU

    PROKARYOTIC DIVERSITY BIOL 4125 SECTION 2 SPRING 2008 Brent Christner 282b Life Science Building (office) 225-578-1734 xner@lsu.edu; brent.xner.net/BIOL4125 Why should we care about microbial diversity? Subtopic Genetic diversity of life Biogeoche

  • Lecob
    5 Pages
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    Course: BIO 312
    School: CSU Bakersfield

    LECTURE OBJECTIVES BIOLOGY 312 - GENERAL MICROBIOLOGY In order to get the most out of the class and do well on your examinations, you should read each assigned chapter (preferable in advance) and attend lectures, check-out the CD, watch assigned vide

  • Biol401_F08_Ch1_S
    23 Pages
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    Course: BIOL 401
    School: S.F. State

    Chapter 1 Microbial Life: Origin and Discovery What Is a Microbe? Microbes are microscopic organisms Through most of its lifespan Can only be seen through a microscope mm to 0.2 m Usually single-celled Self-contained genome Capacity to rep

  • Lec36
    7 Pages
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    Course: MMG 301
    School: Michigan State University

    MMG 301 Dr. Frank Dazzo Microbial Ecology I: General Concepts & Biogeochemistry Ecology: study of organisms in their natural and managed environments Hierarchy of ecological order for microorganisms: Individual cells of the same type multiply to for

  • Lecture #03
    7 Pages
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    Lecture #03
    Course: BIO 2900
    School: Cornell

    Lecture 3 The History of Microbiology Read : BBOM 11e Sec. 1.5-1.7 Finish Microbial Evolution: The Story of O2 The Endosymbiont Hypothesis Microbial Phylogeny The Big Tree of Life Read: BBOM 11e Sec. 11.3 -11.6, 11.8 Early History of Microbiology

  • Lec37
    7 Pages
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    Course: MMG 301
    School: Michigan State University

    MMG 301 Dr. Frank Dazzo Microbial Ecology: Methodology & Soil Microbiology Some methods used to study microbes in natural habitats: Microbial abundance: microscopy, computer-assisted image analysis measurement of cell constituents, e.g., ATP, muram

  • feb 6
    63 Pages
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    feb 6
    Course: FST 100B
    School: UC Davis

    Microbiological Food Safety Feb 6 Information about Food Safety Nature Valley Granola Bar Marketing slogan: The Energy Bar Nature Intended Exactly what did nature intend? REALITIES OF FOOD SAFETY Evolution where we fit and eat Relative Sizes

  • Jorgensen and Boetius_Nature Microbiol Rev_2007_v5p770
    12 Pages
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    Jorgensen and Boetius_Nature Microbiol Rev_2007_v5p770
    Course: ESM 219
    School: UCSB

    REVIEWS Feast and famine - microbial life in the deep-sea bed Bo Barker Jrgensen* and Antje Boetius* Abstract | The seabed is a diverse environment that ranges from the desert-like deep seafloor to the rich oases that are present at seeps, vents, a

  • Plant-microb-cntamints
    41 Pages
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    Course: SOIL 5483
    School: Oklahoma State

    Successful bioremediation of contaminated soils and water involves three-way interaction among the contaminant, microorganisms, and their environment. Distribution and activity of microorganisms in soil Effect of contaminants on microbial activity

  • chapter_7
    3 Pages
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    Course: BISC 300
    School: University of Dundee

    Definition of Frequently Used Terms Chapter 7 Control of Microorganisms by Physical and Chemical Agents sterilization destruction or removal of all viable organisms disinfection killing, inhibition, or removal of pathogenic organisms disinfecta

  • April15_HJS
    1 Pages
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    Course: BIOL 275
    School: UMBC

    Prions Proteinaceous infectious agent Linked to a number of fatal human diseases > Brain degeneration: Brain tissue develops sponge-like holes Disease termed transmissible spongiform encephalopathies > Symptoms may not appear for years after infec

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