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Gregg Shorthand Dictionary: Centennial Edition
Gregg Shorthand Dictionary: Centennial Edition

Author: Charles E. Zoubek, Gregg Condon

ISBN: 9780070736825

Documents: 15

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  • paper09
    8 Pages
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    Course: SRD 2004
    School: Pace

    Proceedings of Student/Faculty Research Day, CSIS, Pace University, May 7th, 2004 Use of Chatroom Abbreviations and Shorthand Symbols in Pen Computing William B. Huber, Sung-Hyuk Cha, Charles C. Tappert, and Vicki L. Hanson Abstract This paper descr

  • practice q1
    3 Pages
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    practice q1
    Course: CPR E 281
    School: Iowa State

    CPRE 281 - Practice questions for exam #1 9/24/07 1. Give a truth table for each of the following logic expressions: (a) (X+Y)(X'+Y) (b) XY'+YZ'+ZX' 2. For each of the expression in question 1, draw the circuit using the logic gate symbols. 3. For

  • lecture6
    19 Pages
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    Course: LING 388
    School: Arizona

    LING 388: Language and Computers Sandiway Fong Lecture 6: 9/15 Administrivia reminder optional homework exercises (from lecture 5) due tomorrow (usual rules apply) for those of you who missed one or more questions on homework 1 Administrivia h

  • test4j
    6 Pages
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    Course: M 1120
    School: UNC Charlotte

    Math 1120 Section 5 Calculus Test 4 April 25, 2005 Name The total number of points available is 165. Throughout this test, show your work. 1. (20 points) Consider the function f (x) = x2 ex/3 . (a) Find all the critical points of f . (b) Find the

  • lecture9
    20 Pages
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    Course: IS 255
    School: Berkeley

    Foundations of Software Design Fall 2001 Marti Hearst Lecture 9: Math Review 1 Today Why Analysis of Algorithms? Math review: Pseudocode Exponents and logarithms Functions and graphs 2 Why Analysis of Algorithms? To find out How lo

  • lec02-fa06
    3 Pages
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    Course: CS 611
    School: Cornell

    CS611 Lecture 2 Lambda Calculus 28 August, 2006 Lecturer: Michael Clarkson 1 The Lambda Calculus 1.1 Recap-terms Lambda calculus is a notation for describing mathematical functions and programs. A -term is: 1. a variable x Var, where Var is a co

  • Conservation Laws etc ChNE 524
    46 Pages
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    Conservation Laws etc ChNE 524
    Course: CHNE 524
    School: New Mexico

    ChNE 524: Interaction of Radiation with Matter Conservation Laws, Q-Values, Fission, and Fusion Faraj Ghanbari, Ph.D. Sandia National Labs Outline 1. Conservation Laws Nuclear Collisions Non-relativistic Scattering: Elastic; Inelastic Nuclear Re

  • Ch400Ch1LN1
    3 Pages
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    Course: CHEM 400-401
    School: American River

    Chem 400 Chapter 1 Lecture Notes Part 1 Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties, including how it reacts. What's matter? Anything with _ and _. What are the 3 states of matter (or phases of matter) that chemists study?__ What are prop

  • module08
    7 Pages
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    Course: CS 240
    School: Purdue

    module08.txt cs240 Yau 03/02/09 Page 1 of 7 Module 8: Structures OBJECTIVES -After this module, you should know how to use C structures as a complex data type to organize related data. You should know the concepts of tagged, anonymous, and self-r

  • [CHM113] 113DQ2
    3 Pages
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    [CHM113] 113DQ2
    Course: CHM 113
    School: ASU

    Discussion Quiz #2AA/AB (10 pts) CHM 101 Prof. R. Briggs ASU Spring 2008 Name: _ Section: _ T.A._ Date: _ 1. Determine the oxidation number of each atom within each compound. (3 points) a. CaCl2 b. Fe2O3 c. NH3 d. H2SO4 2. Name each of compound usi

  • 0918
    58 Pages
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    Course: CIS 500
    School: UPenn

    CIS 500 Software Foundations Fall 2006 September 18 Administrivia HW3 is available now; due next Monday. Acceptable submission formats: PDF generated by LaTeX (preferred!) PDF generated in some other way, e.g. Word (if you must) ascii (as a last re

  • lecture4_4up
    4 Pages
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    Course: CS 321
    School: Portland

    PSU CS321 F'04 Lecture 4 c Andrew Tolmach 1992-2004 3 CS321 F'04 Lecture Notes Lecture 4 Lexical Analysis Example Pattern if else print then := = or < or > letter followed by letters or digits digits chars between double quotes Source code: if x>

  • PPT Ch3 Z&Z
    25 Pages
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    PPT Ch3 Z&Z
    Course: CHEM 1151
    School: Minnesota

    STOICHIOMETRY The Mole Atomic and Molecular Masses Chemical Formula Stoichiometry ATOMIC MASS Atomic mass standard is based on the atom Carbon-12 or 12C (6 p+, 6 n0, 6 e-). One C-12 atom weighs exactly 12 amu 1 amu = atomic mass unit = 1.661E-27

  • chem3023_L2
    16 Pages
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    Course: CHEM 3023
    School: East Los Angeles College

    CHEM3023: Spins, Atoms and Molecules Lecture 2 Bra-ket notation and molecular Hamiltonians C.-K. Skylaris Learning outcomes Be able to manipulate quantum chemistry expressions using bra-ket notation Be able to construct Hamiltonian operators for m

  • lect_04
    4 Pages
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    Course: CS 173
    School: University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

    Crash Introduction to Quantiers Margaret M. Fleck 3 Sept 2008 This lecture nishes the quick introduction to quantiers, which follows part of section 1.3 of Rosen. Well also see some examples of direct proof, from section 1.6 of Rosen. Dont worry abou

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