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Culture, People, Nature: An Introduction to General Anthropology (7th Edition)
Culture, People, Nature: An Introduction to General Anthropology (7th Edition)

Author: Marvin Harris

ISBN: 9780673990938

Documents: 15

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  • idea of culture
    6 Pages
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    idea of culture
    Course: ANSC 124
    School: UCSD

    April 3rd, 8th The Idea of Culture What do Anthropologists study? -culture and society are key concepts, and inseparable, linked in very concrete ways, different meanings -culture: can be broadly defined as the collective system of meanings and pract

  • midterm#1 notes
    3 Pages
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    midterm#1 notes
    Course: ANTHRO 120
    School: CSU Long Beach

    Patel 1 Chapter 1-4 notes Chapter 1: Subfields of anthropologyo Physical anthropology Biological evolution o Archeology Investigating human past by analyzing remains o Cultural anthropology (ethnology) Study of human societies and culture o Anthr

  • jan 14
    4 Pages
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    jan 14
    Course: ANTH 201
    School: Clemson

    11/14/08 It's normal in other cultures for infants to be exposed to the act of human creation. Our attitudes towards sexuality are not all the same. Culture: it shapes how we think about the world around us, and how we act around the world around us.

  • anthro101lec02.jan09
    6 Pages
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    Course: ANTHRO 101
    School: University of Michigan

    Anthropology 101 Lecture 02 Introduction to Anthropology: Anthropology as a Moral Enterprise I. A. Reprise & Elaboration Anthropology defined 1. The study of the human condition; 2. the holistic exploration of what it means to be a human being 3. by

  • CrsHistoryFA03-SU08_ANTH2
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    Course: ASSESSMENT 03
    School: Hawaii

    Courses Offered by Course # Term Code 200830 200810 200430 200630 200830 200440 200540 200640 200740 200840 200430 200430 200730 200440 200610 200730 200440 200510 200530 200540 200640 200740 200830 200430 200710 200810 200510 200730 200830 200410 2

  • 01_Introduction
    9 Pages
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    Course: ANTH 215
    School: University of Hawaii - Hilo

    Introduction to Physical Anthropology (Anth 215) Office: Dean Hall 207 Tel: 956-6653 956mikep@hawaii.edu Office Hours: Wed 9-11 AM, or 9by appt. http:/www.anthropology.hawaii.edu/People/Faculty/Pietrusewsky/index.html 1 Adam Lauer Teaching Assista

  • ant_2_early_lectures
    7 Pages
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    Course: ANT 2
    School: UC Davis

    Ant 2, first three lectures. James Smith General starting points In more depth tomorrow: Anthropology is a branch of Western philosophy that deals with epistemology and with the problem of particularism and universalism that emerges as a by-product

  • january eleventh
    2 Pages
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    january eleventh
    Course: ANTH 201
    School: Clemson

    Anthropology 201 1/11/08 Anthro is the study of human beings. What makes anthropology different is the way that we study human beings. We study human beings in all times, not just present day societies, but past societies as well. We also study human

  • introduction_preview
    9 Pages
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    Course: ANTH 235
    School: Arizona

    ANTHROPOLOGY 235, PRINCIPLES OF ARCHAEOLOGY Instructor: Regents' Professor John Olsen Teaching Assistant: Ms. Amy Clark Course web-page URL: www.ic.arizona.edu/~anth235/ ANTH 235: INTRODUCTION & PREVIEW Archaeology [r"k-ol'u-j]: the scientific stud

  • Week 1 Introduction to Anthropology ANTH 101
    27 Pages
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    Week 1 Introduction to Anthropology ANTH 101
    Course: ANTH 101
    School: Ole Miss

    Introduction to Anthropology What is anthropology? Anthropology is the systematic study of humankind in all times and places. History of Anthropology as an Academic Discipline Anthropology is a fairly recent discipline a. Herodotus (5th c BC) &

  • 2-1-08 ANTH 002 Lecture Notes
    4 Pages
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    2-1-08 ANTH 002 Lecture Notes
    Course: ANTH 002
    School: GWU

    Mark Wayne ANTH 002 Lecture Notes 2/1/08 Sign Signifier + Signified De Saussure Jakobsen Levi-Strauss The signifier is the sound or image, and the signified is the thing that we think of when we see that image. Saussure said, "what is it in this sou

  • anthro1
    11 Pages
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    Course: S/A 100
    School: Gustavus

    Key: *=additional, ~=vocab. Textbook [Ch.1: What is Anthropology?] ~Anthropology: the study of humanity, from its evolutionary origins millions of years ago to its current worldwide diversity ~societies: populations of people living in organized grou

  • anthro1012
    3 Pages
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    Course: ANTH 1
    School: UCSB

    Anthropology 2 Hines 10/12/2007 Unilinear cultural evolution proposed cultural groups moved through stages of development Single human culture of which human groups have different qualities Arm-chair anthros. = Tylor and Morgan Franz Boas = historic

  • Anth111-3rdTest
    5 Pages
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    Course: ANTH 111
    School: Ball State

    Anthro 111 April 7th Dunbalah Serpent God: believed to have brought rain to help nourish the earth Many different animals are used to cast spells / worship People concerned with the killing of animals, but sacrificing doesn't necessary mean killing

  • main_char_anth_MA
    1 Pages
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    Course: ANTH 3618
    School: Minnesota

    Main Characteristics of Anthropology Ancient Middle America The Fields of General Anthropology archaeology physical or biological anthropology (bioanthropology) socio / cultural anthropology linguistic anthropology The Fields of General Anthropolog

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