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Human Anatomy (6th Edition)
Human Anatomy (6th Edition)

Author: Frederic H. Martini, Michael J. Timmons, Robert B. Tallitsch

ISBN: 9780321632012

Documents: 15

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  • Nervous System
    4 Pages
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    Nervous System
    Course: A&P 101
    School: Wisconsin Colleges

    Nervous system is divided into 2 parts. Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) Centeral Nervous System: consistes of the brain and spinal cord Peripheral Nervous system: consists of all of the tissue outside of the Nervo

  • Chpt43AnimalBody
    52 Pages
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    Course: BIOL 1105
    School: Virginia Tech

    CHAPTER 43 LECTURE SLIDES Copyright The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Permission required for reproduction or display. The Animal Body and Principles of Regulation Chapter 43 Organization of Vertebrate Body There are four levels of organization 1. 2. 3. 4.

  • anat review
    17 Pages
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    anat review
    Course: CBIO 2200
    School: UGA

    Ch 1 Anatomical planes -internal structure is often depicted along one of the three mutually perpendicular planes through the body: the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes Body Region -the body is divided into a central axial region (head, neck,

  • Anatomy Notes #3
    12 Pages
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    Anatomy Notes #3
    Course: BIOL 64
    School: CSU Fresno

    The Nervous System (Ch. 11) Along with the endocrine system it: Regulates functions of other body systems The means and speed of control used by these two is very different: Endocrine influences cells by releasing hormones into the blood o Response occurs

  • 2
    17 Pages
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    Course: CALS AnSci 1110
    School: Cornell

    Chapter 2. AN INTRODUCTION TO CELLS AND TISSUES Domestic animals, like all others, are made up of an amazing aggregation of simple units - the living cells. Each cell exhibits a degree of independence from all others, meaning that it is a living un

  • BME_501_lecture2_DrButte
    41 Pages
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    Course: BME 501
    School: USC

    BME 501 Dr. Butte Lecture 2 Organization of Human Body Organelle Cell Tissue Organs Organ systems Organization of Human Body Cell is the basic living unit Cell is made up of various component called, Organelle. Multiple cells of same type come toge

  • BIO 309D S08 Lec7
    52 Pages
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    BIO 309D S08 Lec7
    Course: BIO 309D
    School: University of Texas

    The Nervous System The nervous system integrates The Nervous System Central Nervous System (CNS) receives and processes information; initiates action Perifpheral Nervous System (PNS) transmits signals between the CNS and the rest of the body Br

  • Bio notes
    23 Pages
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    Bio notes
    Course: BIO 309D
    School: University of Texas

    Nervous Tissue - Conducts nervous impulses from one part of the body to another - 2 types of cells o Neurons Generate and conduct nerve impulses o Glial (neurologlia) Surround, support and protect neurons Organs - Formed from at least 2 tissues typ

  • Chapter01b
    36 Pages
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    Course: ZOOL 2402
    School: Texas Tech

    N! IS DO W W RI TE TH ! COURSE WEBSITE webpages.acs.ttu.edu/davidrod SI Info Ashley Conder ashley.n.conder@ttu.edu "Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting." -E. Rutherford So be it! The human body will be the central

  • lesson1
    37 Pages
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    Course: MATH 6790
    School: Utah

    Math 6790: Case Studies in Computational Engineering and Science Mathematical Modeling of Cardiac Electro-Mechanics: From Protein to Whole Organ Introduction Anatomy CVRTI Cardiac Models of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) Cardiac Models of Leonardo d

  • HealthOH23
    6 Pages
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    Course: UCS 4071
    School: University of Regina

    S/A 4071: Social/Cultural Aspects of Health and Illness: Class 23: The Medical Profession 3 * Today we consider the article by Good & Good on learning medical "knowledge" - & the "world" that goes with it - at medical school * Prior to the 1970's, bi

  • Week 5
    2 Pages
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    Week 5
    Course: ANTH 275R
    School: Utah Valley University

    Matthew Nelson Stanford, C., J.S. Allen, et al. (2006). Biological Anthropology: The Natural History of Humankind. Upper Saddle River, Pearson Education Inc. Primatology and the history of primates Part III: Primates (163 - 231) Chapter 7: The Prima

  • Anatomy Lab Exam I Handout
    2 Pages
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    Anatomy Lab Exam I Handout
    Course: BIOL 252
    School: UNC

    Anatomy Lab Exam I: The exam will consist of 25 practical examination questions. You will not be allowed into the lab until the instructor opens the door at the beginning of your scheduled lab time. Do not be late, or you will not be allowed to take

  • Thomas-Shupe_s
    21 Pages
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    Course: ECE 5320
    School: Utah State

    Touch Screen Sensors Thomas Shupe ECE 5320 Mechatronics Assignment #1 Outline References To explore further What are touch screen sensors Different types touch screen sensors Working principles Major applications Cost Where to buy Reference

  • ANTH 200 Final study guide
    3 Pages
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    ANTH 200 Final study guide
    Course: ANTH 200Lg
    School: USC

    1 ANTH200 Final Review Spring 2007- Yamashita Questions and essay topics for the final will be drawn from the following: Yamashita class lectures (4/2/07 4/25/07) and lab material Assigned readings: Stanford et al. (Chapters 13-15, 6, 17 [pp. 493-49

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