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Pushkin: Little Tragedies: The Covetous Knight
Pushkin: Little Tragedies: The Covetous Knight", "Mozart and Salieri", "The Stone Guest", "The Feast During the Plague (Russian Texts)

Author: V. Terras

ISBN: 9781853992698

Documents: 15

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    4 Pages
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    Course: PSC 204
    School: Alabama

    Communists and capitalists clashed cold war US and Brit-sent troops to fight Russian Rev. Convinced Stalin they ^ would do anything to destroy Communism America turned inwards as did Russia Great Depression-American politics shifted to the left. FDR

  • RUSS 3391 Midterm Paper
    5 Pages
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    RUSS 3391 Midterm Paper
    Course: RUSS 3391
    School: UT Arlington

    Jonathan Rose RUSS-3391-002 8/01/07 Dr. Harrison Midterm Paper Essay: Keeping in Mind that directors guide our expectations with respect to space and time through the control of mise-en-scene, critique the mise-en-scene (see Film Art Chapter 4) in an

  • 041006health
    6 Pages
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    Course: ECO 343
    School: Chester

    RUSSIA PROFILE - Independent Analysis of Russian News, Politics, Business, Culture and Opinion Thursday, October 21, 2004Site map | Contact us Search: HOME CDI Russia Profile List About the Project RP Magazine Global Russia Calendar Forum Subscripti

  • class15
    4 Pages
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    Course: RUS 330
    School: University of Texas

    A. Bylina Russia and its World: Culture and History Russian 330 Spring 2004 Course home page Kiev cycle originated in 10th-12th centuries; Novgorod cycle follows some 200 years later. Creation ceased by 16th century. What we know is from 17-18 cen

  • lec15
    5 Pages
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    Course: RUS 330
    School: University of Texas

    Russian 330 Spring 2007 A. I. Secular folk genres Epic songs (bylina). Secular sung poetry (minimal instrumental accompaniment). Arose in the 10th and 11th century. Sometimes called starina. Ballads Historical songs. Arose in 14th century, to fl

  • ent100_24
    7 Pages
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    Course: ENT 100
    School: UC Davis

    Ent 100 Fall 2002 1 Lecture 24: Insects & Human History Plague Overview The first recorded outbreak of plague in Europe occurred in 500 AD The next major out break of plague recorded in historical records occurred in the mid 1300s, it became known

  • CHII
    12 Pages
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    Course: REL THEL 353
    School: Houghton College

    II. Exodus and a Home for Exiles: The most formative experiences for Israel's faith, basic to her understanding of herself, her God, and her moral-religious practices, occurred in that vagabond period typically called the exodus from Egypt. The exodu

    4 Pages
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    Course: RUSS 0090
    School: Pittsburgh

    RUSS 090 TERMS FOR REVISION EXAM 2 REMINDER: You are expected to be familiar with all the readings assigned (fairy tales, theoretical excerpts, on-line texts) as well as with the art and film clips shown in class. As you know, you must be able to app

  • RUT3500 Study Questions Week 1
    4 Pages
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    RUT3500 Study Questions Week 1
    Course: RUT 3500
    School: University of Florida

    Study/quiz questions (pp. 3-71): 1. How did geography and climate affect the growth of the Russian state and the perceived distinct features of the Russian national character? Rivers and lakes provide Russia with an excellent system of water communi

  • mcgarry
    15 Pages
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    Course: SISC 6
    School: Pittsburgh

    Ode to the Great Leader or Ode to the Poet: Identifying the Hero in Osip Mandel'shtams Poems about Stalin MATTHEW McGARRY UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN ince its publication in 1973, Osip Mandel'shtams Poems about Stalin [Stikhi o Staline] has been a subjec

  • 041201oil
    4 Pages
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    Course: ECO 343
    School: Chester

    The Globalist | Global Economy - Putin, Yukos and RussiaPrint | Go Back to Story Globalist Perspective > Global Economy Putin, Yukos and Russia By Fiona Hill | Wednesday, December 01, 2004 Although Russias future energy potential remains great, the

  • lect05
    5 Pages
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    Course: LECTURE 05
    School: Muhlenberg

    Class 5 Class 5 More on Peter the Great The struggle for the power continued. Peter with his mother lived in a country house outside of Moscow. His friends were village boys, and he became their leader. In 1682, Peter and his retarded half-brother w

  • 040929putin
    2 Pages
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    Course: ECO 343
    School: Chester

    What democracy can Putin destroy? | csmonitor.com from the September 29, 2004 edition http:/www.csmonitor.com/2004/0929/p09s02-coop.html What democracy can Putin destroy? By Eugene B. Rumer WASHINGTON - Russia is joining the ranks of nascent dictator

  • Russ13midtermreview
    14 Pages
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    Course: RUSS 13
    School: Dartmouth

    Midterm exam, Monday, October 24, 2005 Material: This test will cover the information in the readings and lectures through Wednesday, October 19, 2005. You are responsible for all materials (readings, lectures, films, music, discussions) to date. If

  • Origins of War Notes
    9 Pages
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    Origins of War Notes
    Course: GOVT 1817
    School: Cornell

    Origins of War Notes First World War Before the war (late 1800s) hope, enlightenment 4 empires were destroyed. -aus-hungary, ottoman empire, Weimer Republic, Romanov Dynasty Hurt Europe in terms of economics, democracy (instead communism, totalitaria

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