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The New Faces of Christianity: Believing the Bible in the Global South
The New Faces of Christianity: Believing the Bible in the Global South

Author: Philip Jenkins

ISBN: 9780195368512

Documents: 15

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  • Class Notes
    12 Pages
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    Class Notes
    Course: RST 243
    School: St. Thomas FL

    Introduction to the Bible I. What meaning does the Bible have for Jews and Christians? Take some time and browse through Psalm 119 for a vivid expression of the devotion for sacred scripture, in this case for the Torah. The Jewish communitys experien

  • Finished__guiding_questions_1.0_science_in_perspective
    4 Pages
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    Course: LS 200
    School: Masters CA

    Guiding Questions: Foundations of Science Module #1 Science in Perspective Overview: In this introductory module students will be challenged to think of the role of science within the framework of the biblical worldview and biblical authority. Scienc

  • Critical essay 7
    4 Pages
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    Critical essay 7
    Course: HIST 3150
    School: UGA

    Danielle Britt- Critical Essay #7 Using Grimke and Armstrong as examples, how did both abolitionists and pro-slavery Christians use the Bible and Christian principles to come to their position on the issue of slavery? The institution of slavery prove

  • harris essay
    5 Pages
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    harris essay
    Course: WRA 150
    School: Michigan State University

    Harris: A Rational Point of View In his novel Letter to a Christian Nation, Sam Harris pulls no punches on the subject of atheism, which according to Hfarris, is "Simply an admission of the obvious." (Harris 51) He provides many compelling arguments

  • 1350 Lectures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
    9 Pages
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    1350 Lectures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
    Course: REL 1350
    School: Baylor

    Lecture #10: Sacramentalism Christianity's Development of Sacraments and Definition of "Grace" Reviewed = something good that humans do not deserve that God gives to them anyway. God's grace is irresistible. Definition of Sacrament generally = an o

  • RELI140_studyguide
    8 Pages
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    Course: RELI 140
    School: UNC

    RELI 140 STUDY GUIDE 1 Angel Moroni: an angel that Joseph Smith, Jr. said visited him on numerous occasions; The angel was the guardian of the golden plates, which Smith said were buried in a hill near his home in NY, and which he said were the sourc

  • religion notes (christianity)
    13 Pages
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    religion notes (christianity)
    Course: RELI 1001
    School: UGA

    2/21/07 *Final will be optional. If you feel that you need to take it you can. If not, your grade will be determined by your other three tests. Christianity Trinitarian monotheism. Jesus of Nazareth ca. 4BCE 30 CE. Name was Yeshua, the Latins referr

  • 01
    35 Pages
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    Course: INTR 532
    School: Wheaton IL

    Section 1: Defining Contextualization and Related Issues Section 1-Page 2 DEFINITIONS OF CONTEXTUALIZATION 1. Why the term? Contextualization seeks to help us deal with the facts: a. b. We have an eternal Word of God (the Bible) We live in an ever-

  • History 578 Lecture # 5
    4 Pages
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    History 578 Lecture # 5
    Course: HIST 578
    School: Ohio State

    History 578 Lecture # 5 I. Intellectual thought before the civil war A. In 19th century America, who were considered to be the nations intellectuals? B. Most philosophical thought in the decades before the Civil War was practiced by theologians, scie

  • Sovereignty - Final
    7 Pages
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    Sovereignty - Final
    Course: HIST 127
    School: UNC

    Ashley Weeks HIST127: 001 M. Wolf 12 September 2007 Puritanism in The Sovereignty and Goodness of God 1 Puritans, by definition, were "member[s] of a group of English Protestants who in the 16th and 17th-centuries advocated strict discipline and si

  • THEO 102 Lecture Notes
    18 Pages
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    THEO 102 Lecture Notes
    Course: THEO 102
    School: Marquette

    23 January 2007 Canon o Jewish Canon 24 (actually 39) books o Protestant Canon Same number of books as the Jewish Canon Is the shortest Christian Canon o Roman Catholic Canon (49 books) o Orthodox Canon (Larger than RC Canon) o Orthodox Ethiopian

  • History 578 Lecture # 8
    3 Pages
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    History 578 Lecture # 8
    Course: HIST 578
    School: Ohio State

    History 578 Lecture # 8 I. The Rise of Fundamentalism A. Before WWI, a Southern California oil millionaire, Lyman Stewart, conceived of a plan to establish the essentials of orthodox biblical faith. B. He gathered together a series of Bible teachers

  • Heritage 3
    4 Pages
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    Heritage 3
    Course: REL 1350
    School: Baylor

    Heritage 3 Legacy Of Pietism John Wesley and Methodism Great Awakening North American Protestantism Pentecostalism o William J. Seymour the most influential black leader in American religious history Born in Centerville, La in 1870 to former slaves

  • biblequiz1
    5 Pages
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    Course: BIBLE 100
    School: Gustavus

    Study Guide Quiz #1 (summary) *Have a good handle of the materials I have handed out or sent to you as well as the lecture content. Also the words listed in your Fant, Ch.1 notes *know the basic dates for the transmission and consolidation of the ora

  • Theology Exam 3 Study Guide
    7 Pages
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    Theology Exam 3 Study Guide
    Course: THEO 110
    School: Saint Louis

    Theological Foundations Exam 4 Definitions Exclusivism An attitude or disposition of exclusion; in theologies of world religions, the belief that truth resides only in Christianity and that there are no meaningful similarities between Christianity an

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