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Modern American Women: A Documentary History
Modern American Women: A Documentary History

Author: Susan Ware

ISBN: 9780072418200

Documents: 15

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  • hist
    6 Pages
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    Course: TEST 2
    School: Pittsburgh

    0100|HIST|00057|NRSV GIFT/AWARD BIBLE|Y|1234567890|13.55|10.20|green.gif|red.gif| 0100|HIST|00057|ZADIG LINGENU|Y|1234567890|9.95|7.50|green.gif|red.gif| 0100|HIST|00057|THREE THEBAN PLAYS|Y|1234567890|9.95|7.50|green.gif|red.gif| 0100|HIST|00057|SON

  • socialstudies
    3 Pages
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    Course: COE 8
    School: UGA

    Initial Education Program Course and Field Experience Alignment with Praxis II Content Table x.xx Course and Field Experience Alignment with Praxis II Content: Social Studies; Content Knowledge Test # 081 Subject Area: I. United States History _ Phys

  • Lecture Notes
    13 Pages
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    Lecture Notes
    Course: HIST 1A
    School: UCLA

    Lecture Notes 01/08/07 Early Civilization Civilization- advanced social, pol structure in which indvs come together to form cohesive unit- 1st arises in form of city- city, ci both fr "civis" citizen Civ originates in Mesopotamia- even tho it's not

  • Thinking about History paper
    4 Pages
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    Thinking about History paper
    Course: HIST 300
    School: USC

    Hist 300 WA-2: Thinking 11/6/06 1 When approaching historical texts, it is difficult to determine a solid standpoint because of the differentiation in opinions. Historical texts are written through the eyes and feelings of hundreds of different a

    5 Pages
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    Course: HIST 230
    School: Wagner

    Andrew Ciampaglio Dr. Shaohua Hu Research and Analysis 3/7/08 E.H. Carr's What is History? Facts, Science and Causes E.H. Carr's book, What is History was the most interesting take on history, facts and causes I have read this year. His presentation

  • 267-Essay 1
    5 Pages
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    267-Essay 1
    Course: HIST 2670
    School: Cornell

    Joe Pucci History 2670 Essay #1 TA: Michael Dybicz Livy and his Early History of Rome The complete history of Rome is one of the greatest histories of any civilization on record. For the majority of its history, there were several authors providing

  • hms_2824
    46 Pages
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    Course: HST 512
    School: MIT

    Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology HST.512: Genomic Medicine Prof. Marco F. Ramoni Population Genetics in the Genomic Era Marco F. Ramoni Children's Hospital Informatics Program and Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Gen

  • Midterm ID Terms
    7 Pages
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    Midterm ID Terms
    Course: HIST 245gm
    School: USC

    Carly Liu HIST 245 Lois Banner Midterm Identification Terms Elizabeth Cady Stanton When mid 1800's Where Seneca Falls, NY Why equal rights for men and women Historical Context o Led the women's rights movement from the beginning o Helped write th

  • nietzche paper
    8 Pages
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    nietzche paper
    Course: HP 202
    School: BC

    1 Joaquin de Rojas 11 May 2007 Western Cultural Tradition VII-VIII History: The Good, the Bad, and the Worse For Friedrich Nietzsche, the term "history" has both a negative and positive connotation. In its negative connotation, history represents a l

  • Lecture 9(Slavery I)
    7 Pages
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    Lecture 9(Slavery I)
    Course: HIST 3071
    School: LSU

    HIST 3071: Louisiana History Spring 2008 Dr. Alecia P. Long 2.19.08 SLAVERY IN LOUISIANA (1): -Markets, Masters, Work, and CultureThe Bamboula, written by L.M. Gottschalks, as a metaphor. -based off of drum music from slave gatheringscall and respo

  • HIST 105 Discussion week 4
    2 Pages
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    HIST 105 Discussion week 4
    Course: HIST 105
    School: Texas A&M

    HIST105 Discussion objectives for Week #4 (September 17-23). Reading assignment: The Salem witch trials In addition to the American Promise textbook a good place to start for a brief background is http:/www.nationalgeographic.com/features/97/salem/ B

  • 1101exam_study_guide
    4 Pages
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    Course: HIST 1101
    School: University of Regina

    HIST1101 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE HIST1101 INTRODUCTION TO HISTORY, PART TWO Winter 2009 Final Exam Study Guide 1 GENERAL GUIDELINES i) Please write double-spaced (it does not have to be beautiful prose, but try to use a formal essay-writing style);

  • a study guide reading
    8 Pages
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    a study guide reading
    Course: HIST 101
    School: Holy Cross (MA)

    McGerr- Preface and Chapter 1 Progressive Era- Age of "fierce content" (Preface) Progressivism created much of our contemporary political predicament, progressives failed to achieve all of their expectations, this is today reflected in our nation not

  • 06 slavery in the US
    6 Pages
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    06 slavery in the US
    Course: HIST 156
    School: Maryland

    Jennifer Jordan HIST156, Section 0112 Slavery in Mainland North America 10-04-06 It is estimated that more than ten million people were brought from Africa to the Americas as slaves. Millions of Africans were torn from their homes and held as capti

  • religion 103 class notes
    21 Pages
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    religion 103 class notes
    Course: RELI 103
    School: UNC

    Religion 103 Class Notes August 27, 2007 Lecture 1 The Hebrew Bible: An Introduction I. Why study the HB? a. Religious Reasons: some people use it as a justification of their actions. b. Literary Reasons: are bases for literature of our civilization

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