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Why I Tutor: : The joy of sharing the knowledge is priceless.
Education : Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from UT Arlington, Arlington, TX
Work Experience : Adjunct Faculty at UT Arlington, TX, Arlington
Subject Descriptions : Mechanical Engineering - Engineer and consultant in several areas of Mechanical Engineering

C++ Programming - Have been programming in Java/C-C++/Python/Perl/ for over 20 years

Java Programming - Have been working as Solution architect. Have developed in Java/C-C++/Python/Perl

Statistics and Probability - Have taught AP statistics and college mathematics at universities and community colleges

Geometry - Have taught college level mathematics at the Universities

Math - Have tutored school and college students (K-12) Math

Other Subjects - Helped mentor students to be successful and skillful in Math and Science

Python Programming - Learned python at MIT and taught python at several universities

Chemistry - Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering

Computer Science - Several years of consulting experience in various industries

Calculus - Taught college level mathematics

College Algebra - Taught college mathematics at universities and community colleges

Trigonometry - Taught mathematics at universities and community Colleges

Precalculus - Taught Precalculus and Calculus at university and college

Physics - Tutored AP Physics (B and C)

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