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QuestionPART I: THE CIRAC MEMO please please NEED HELP WITH CIRAC FORMAT !!!!!!   cirac format     facts: conclussion: rule: issue:   An action was brought by parents against Unionville School District challenging the school board's policy, which permits non-students to disseminate Bibles and other religious materials in public schools during school hours. The parents claim that Unionville's policy violates the Establishment Clause. Your firm has been retained to represent the Unionville School District ("Unionville"), a West Virginia Public School in the action. The background of the dispute is as follows: Unionville, has, for some years now, allowed non-student, private groups such as Little League, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, and the Women's Christian Temperance Union to distribute literature in its public schools. In accordance with written school policy, Unionville has traditionally denied groups wishing to distribute religious or political materials the same access to the schools. However, three years ago, in response to a request by a local religious group, and in an attempt to blunt discrimination against private religious and political speech, Unionville interpreted its written policy so as to allow the passive distribution of religious (and political) material in the schools. Pursuant to this new policy, Unionville designated a single day during the year on which private religious groups can make Bibles or other religious material available on tables set up in accessible locations, such as halls or libraries, in the Unionville schools, during school hours. The table displays are set up and stocked entirely by private citizens who are not affiliated in any way with the schools, and the tables bear signs informing students only that they should feel free to take the Bibles or other material offered. Pursuant to district court injunction, the tables also bear a disclaimer, renouncing any sponsorship or endorsement by the school. No one is allowed to enter classrooms to announce the availability of religious or political material, or to stand at the tables to encourage or pressure students to take the material. No school announcement or assembly is allowed to mark the availability of the Bibles or any other religious or political material. School principals are charged with ensuring strict compliance with these guidelines. Your attorney wants you to CIRAC memo that explains whether Unionville's policy, which permits nonstudents to disseminate Bibles and other religious materials (on one designated day) in public schools during school hours, violates the Establishment Clause.   You should use both the Good News Club and the Sante Fe cases

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