Our mission is to build the biggest and best digital library of course-specific questions and answers to help students and educators succeed.

Our Story

In 2006 Andrew Grauer founded Course Hero in the midst of his own academic journey. As a Cornell University sophomore, he knew firsthand how stressful it was to be a college student, focused on studying, absorbing knowledge, getting good grades, and planning for the future—all while still doing extracurriculars, working, and having a social life.

Andrew realized that continuous performance at the highest level was extremely stressful for both students and educators, and he knew there had to be a better way for everyone to reach their full potential. By starting Course Hero, he set out to build the largest online library of course-specific learning resources—and the largest community of students and educators dedicated to collaborative learning, both inside and outside the classroom.

Today, Course Hero has grown into a platform of more than 10 million students and educators across the globe who are empowered to share and access educational resources every day.

What We Do

Course Hero helps empower students and educators to succeed! We’re fueled by a passionate community of students and educators who share their course-specific knowledge and educational resources to help others learn and study.

  • Study Documents Study Documents

    We offer millions of crowdsourced notes, study guides, practice tests, and more – tagged to specific courses at schools around the world. Upload materials for free access.

  • Tutors Tutors

    We have hundreds of subject-matter experts available 24/7 to help with tough questions, tricky homework problems, or confusing concepts. Ask a question or browse existing Q&A threads to find exactly what you need.

Democratizing Education

Technology is dramatically changing the way we experience education. It allows us to explore new information whenever and wherever we want – and to share knowledge and resources with others across the globe.

Watch the Course Hero team discuss education technology and how Course Hero fits into the equation.

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