We envision a world where every student graduates, confident and prepared.


We're an online learning platform of course-specific study resources

Founded by college student Andrew Grauer in 2006, Course Hero is on a mission to help students graduate confident and prepared. Today, Course Hero's unique collective action framework enables students to subscribe or contribute their own resources to earn a Netflix-like subscription to more than 60 million course materials, tutoring and support resources. More than 60,000 faculty across the United States, Canada, and Australia have joined the Course Hero educator community to share their resources, collaborate with faculty in other fields, and hone new strategies for instruction.



Supporting students and educators goes beyond providing online study and course materials, tutoring, and access to an educator community. We recognize the often Herculean efforts students make to reach graduation confident and prepared. The Hero Student Scholarship recognizes students who overcome obstacles in their college journeys. We award them $5,000 per year until they graduate. We also have scholarships specifically for first-generation college students, community leaders, and veterans, among others.
We believe in supporting student learning, together

Emergency aid

The Covid-19 pandemic is putting even more pressure on students and educators. We’re doing what we can to support students and educators during this uncertain time.
We’ve committed $500,000 to a Student Emergency Aid Initiative. Students may apply to gain financial support for their immediate needs. We are also offering students free premium content—5 free Tutor Questions and our library of Textbook Questions and Answers.
Educators have been granted three free months of access to our document library of more than 40 million teaching and learning resources. We are facilitating peer review between educators who would like feedback on their remote-teaching resources. We are also convening regular virtual forums to foster peer support and knowledge sharing.