Our mission is to help students learn and succeed by delivering supplemental educational resources for their specific courses.

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Course Hero was founded by Cornell University student Andrew Grauer after he missed class one day. Realizing he’d have to awkwardly ask a stranger for notes, he dreamed of an easier way to get caught up in class. And so, he set out to create Course Hero, a platform where students can openly share their knowledge and discover all the educational resources they need to succeed.

That was back in 2006. Today, millions of students benefit from Course Hero’s supplemental study materials. For those exploring new subjects, mastering key concepts, and everything in between, Course Hero offers the personalized help they need to achieve their goals.

What We Do

We believe that increased access to knowledge enriches lives and expands future opportunities for students worldwide. Course Hero connects college and high school students with high-quality course packs so everyone can learn in a way that fits them best.

What’s a course pack? So glad you asked! A course pack is made up of:

  • Study Documents

    We offer millions of crowdsourced notes, study guides, practice tests, and more – tagged to specific courses at schools around the world. Upload materials for free access or to earn money with our Marketplace.

  • Tutors

    We have hundreds of subject-matter experts available 24/7 to help with tough questions, tricky homework problems, or confusing concepts. Ask a question or browse existing Q&A threads to find exactly what you need.

  • Flashcards

    Create your own or browse existing flashcard sets. Use this simple-yet-effective tool to learn and absorb complex formulas, historical dates, and vocabulary. Study on the go with these compatible apps.

Here at Course Hero, our dream is to build an awesome course pack for every course at every school in the world!

Revolutionizing The Way We Learn

Technology is dramatically changing the way we experience education. It allows us to explore new information whenever and wherever we want – and to share knowledge and resources with others across the globe.

Watch the Course Hero team discuss education technology and how Course Hero fits into the equation.

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