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Andrea Paulk

Ecology Student

I had a question about a lab assignment, so I searched online for help, but couldn’t find anything. I decided to use the Q&A platform on Course Hero, and it took the tutor a few hours to help me with my question, which was amazing. I didn’t expect the turnaround to be so quick. On top of that, multiple tutors offered to help, which was great to know I had options to chose from. It exceeded my expectations!

Tarun Nagarajan

Bioengineering Student

I was struggling to understand CHEM 102 concepts and I felt that Course Hero would be a good resource for me to ask my questions. Course Hero has a very simple online tutoring interface and I was excited about how quickly I received a response. Course Hero is a great resource for any student who wants quick explanations for their homework questions!

Pranay Kejriwal

Philosophy Student

What really stands out to me with the Q&A feature is the quick response time. I was working on a problem set for a philosophy class, and there were two particular problems that I was having difficulty with. I decided to ask for tutoring help, and got a response within an hour, which really stood out to me. The promptness of the responses really makes Course Hero stand out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a certified tutor or a professor to be a tutor on Course Hero?

We believe that experts take all forms and therefore do not require that you be a certified tutor or professor. However, you do need to share sufficient credentials to prove that you have an expertise in the categories which you would like to tutor.

Am I required to tutor for a certain amount of time or answer a minimum number of questions?

No, you are not required to tutor for a certain amount of time or answer a minimum number of questions. However, the higher your rating, the more opportunities you'll receive to earn money.

How long should I expect to wait to hear back about my tutor application?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications, we cannot respond to all applicants. If your application is approved, we'll contact you via email.

If my application is not accepted, can you tell me why it was rejected?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, we cannot share details beyond whether it is accepted.

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