INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Does America Spend on Public Education?


Billions of federal, state and local tax dollars are poured into the American public school system each year to provide our children with a tuition-free education. Come along with us as we take a state-by-state look at education budgets across the nation and explore how those funds are allocated.

How does your home state compare?

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  • What would be more interesting still would be to add average student achievement scores to this infographic. Historically, SD students have done very well, despite their last place in this rating system. Interesting, no?

    • Hey Kim, that would definitely be an interesting piece to add to this infographic. In the future we plan to explore the ways that spending-per-pupil influences performance.

  • Great data, can you please publish which states have teachers union?
    I bet the states having teachers union will show low investment on students and big investment on teachers.
    It’s becoming a pandemic issue in California. Parents are always asked for donation in the name of education while teachers union is not agreeing to salary cuts/Carlow days to offset the budget issues.
    Let’s face the truth , empolyees in the private sector took pay cuts/bonus cuts in the economic downturn, while others are taking their full pay for the whole year and that too count the number of days teachers have holidays in a year.
    Teaching is a noble profession, I remember my teachers with fondness. But I bet my kids don’t share the same feeling.
    Also note, don’t blame Kids from China and India excelling in education and take away American jobs.
    I feel sorry for my kids. I don’t know if I will be able to give them the education that I had.
    Just throwing money at the problem will not take away the root cause of the issue. We have structural deficiencies , if not addressed soon in the coming 25 years we Americans will be living in a 3rd world country

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