INFOGRAPHIC: The Summer Job Search

Recent grads are no doubt struggling to find work in this challenging job market, but what about high school and college students looking for summer jobs? Are employers hiring and what jobs should students be looking for? We took a look into what the summer job landscape looks like for today’s youth and how students can make the most of their few months off between semesters.

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  • When I was younger (many years ago), we all started working summer and part-time jobs when we were quite young (by 16 or earlier). I encouraged my daughter (who was 16) to get a summer job last year and was surprised to find that most employers would not take her on because of her age. One company had even offered her a job (thinking she was older) and then, when they found out she was only 16, said they couldn’t take her on because they only take people who are 18 or older. This, we were told, was because of insurance.

    So how much of this decline is because younger people don’t want to work, they can’t get a job because of the recession, or they can’t get a job because of increasing rates of company insurance? We found the age issue to be a problem everywhere.

  • Many states have child labor laws now which basically make it so you can’t even get a low end job until you’re 18 years old. I started working when I was 14, before we had such laws. I understand the need for them to prevent the exploitation of youth labor but it also makes it harder for kids to learn the value of a dollar and earn their own way. With how expensive College is these days, kids can’t bank enough money working summers only if they can’t work until they’re 18.

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