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Course Hero Launches Optimized Learning Program for Flashcards

Course Hero is about delivering solutions that help students learn more effectively. That’s why we are excited to announce the latest addition to our suite of study resources: Optimal Learn.

Optimal Learn is a feature unique to Course Hero flashcards that designs customized study plans that help students learn any flashcard set by a given deadline.

Physical flashcards are an age-old study tool, but they are accompanied by some serious shortcomings. To start, they take a substantial amount of time and effort to make. Then, once a student begins studying, it is difficult to get a realistic sense of how well he or she understands the content because it is too easy to assume you know something or sneak a peak at the answer when you’re the only one holding yourself accountable. Lastly, many students struggle to keep to a regimented study schedule and as a result end up trying to memorize an impossible amount of content in a single sitting. This is both inefficient and unproductive.

Digitizing flashcards was the first step in improving the flashcard model. By bringing flashcards online, set creation took a fraction of the time. Digital flashcard providers like Course Hero also began to offer flashcards quizzes, which helped students get a realistic sense of their confidence with a given set. Now, Course Hero takes digital flashcards to the next level with Optimal Learn technology.

Optimal Learn leverages Course Hero Flashcards to not only optimize retention after a flashcard study session, but also help students stick to a productive study schedule. When a student selects a Course Hero flashcard set and the deadline they need to know it by, Optimal Learn customizes a study program that actively keeps them on track toward achieving their goal.

Optimal Learn study programs emphasize spaced repetition and take advantage of natural memory cycles by reminding students to study at the key intervals that maximize retention. Each study session follows a unique format that alternates between review segments and mini-quizzes that track the student’s level of mastery as they learn. Students then receive regular email notifications on their progress as well as reminders to study the next round of new content or review a previously studied session. This process ensures that students feel as confident with the material as possible by their deadline.

Course Hero believes that online flashcards are an immensely powerful learning tool, and a prime example of how technology can make the learning process more efficient and effective. With the addition of Optimal Learn, we’re providing an easy way for students to use flashcards to their fullest potential.

Check out to select an existing set–or create your own—and give Optimal Learn a try.

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