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Matt Russoniello

Matt Russoniello is a writer and content strategist living in Brooklyn. He studied Creative Writing at Western Washington University.

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Course Hero vs Chegg

Compare the benefits offered by Course Hero, an online learning platform with more than 20 million study resources, to those offered by Chegg.

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Introducing Course Hero Practice Problems BETA

Just in time for finals, Course Hero is launching a new tool to help students test their knowledge, focus their studying, and prepare for exams.

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How Does Course Hero Work?

Learn how Course Hero’s platform of 20 million study documents, videos, practice tests, and other materials can help you graduate confident and prepared.

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9 Benefits of Using Course Hero

If it's time to study, it's time for Course Hero. Here, 9 ways Course Hero can help make sure you're confident and prepared for your next class.


Course Hero and Woodrow Wilson Foundation Announce First Class of Excellence in Teaching Fellows

In partnership with the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Course Hero is awarding $40,000 grants to 5 professors throughout the country.

Course Hero Education Summit

Margarita Quihuis to Speak at Course Hero’s Education Summit 2018

Margarita Quihuis—behavior designer, social entrepreneur, mentor capitalist, and thought leader—will present at the Course Hero Education Summit 2018.

What Is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online learning platform where you can access course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators.