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9 Benefits of Using Course Hero

If it's time to study, it's time for Course Hero. Here, 9 ways Course Hero can help make sure you're confident and prepared for your next class.

Course Hero is an online learning platform where you can access more than 20 million course-specific study resources contributed by students and educators. Our vision is to help every student graduate confident and prepared, and we believe that can happen if every student has access to the right resources. Study documents and study guides cover nearly every course, text, and academic subject imaginable, and our tutors are well equipped and always available to help with the hard questions. Whether you’re a student or an educator, the advantages of using Course Hero are infinite, but here are 9 noteworthy benefits offered by our platform.

Study resources for the courses you’re actually taking—whenever you need them.

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1. Access to more than 20 million study resources

Maybe you missed a class. Maybe something your professor said left you completely overwhelmed and confused. Maybe you just want to improve your study habits. Study documents uploaded to Course Hero by other students who took the same class you’re taking will help you fill in the missing pieces and add useful context.

2. Difficult core concepts, clarified

Whether you’re lost in the lyrical prose of The Great Gatsby or baffled by Inheritance and Mendelian Genetics, Course Hero study guides and videos provide easy-to-understand insight for every text and topic you could conceivably study.

3. A more efficient way to study

Flashcards are out; practice tests are in. Search Course Hero’s study document library for practice tests to study smarter and better retain information you need for big exams.

4. The ability to check your work

Think of Course Hero as a more robust version of the answer key in the back of your textbook. See how other students approached problems and tricky essay topics, plus get a sense of whether you’re on the right track with your own work.

5. Access to tutoring services

Course Hero tutors are available 24/7 to answer your most difficult, pressing questions. You can ask tutor questions when you subscribe to Course Hero, or you can earn free access to our tutoring services by uploading your own notes and study materials.

6. A way to make informed decisions about your future

Choosing classes is hard, and picking a major is even harder. With study documents and syllabi uploaded to Course Hero, you’ll get incredibly specific insight into every course and major you’re considering.

7. On-demand inspiration and advice

Stuck on an important essay? See how other students took on the assignment. Stuck trying to figure out how to achieve a good school-life balance? Check out Course Hero’s College Life for relatable advice and tips from other students and experts in the know.

8. Invaluable resources for educators

Professors can use Course Hero for inspiration and advice from other educators at universities throughout the country. Find lesson plan ideas, tips for engaging distracted students, and more at Faculty Club.

9. Free access to everything above and more

Upload photos of your notes and classwork to earn free unlocks or free tutor questions that you can use when you want to access documents, tutoring services, and everything else on Course Hero.

What Is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online learning platform where you can access course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators.