4 College Housing Dilemmas, and How to Deal

In the midst of planning where (and with whom) to live next year, you could find yourself in some sticky situations. Here’s how to handle them.

college housing dilemmasSpring is here, and you know what that means: Time to seal the deal on next year’s college housing plans. It’s one of the great ironies of university life. You’ve finally settled in to your dorm, learned how to navigate the roommate dramas, and now you have to think about starting all over again somewhere else.

Truthfully, no matter where you are in the process — just beginning your search, or ready to sign on the dotted line — finding your next home away from home can be fraught with unexpected challenges. Whether you’re hoping to find an on-campus suite or planning to live off campus with friends in an apartment, there’s a chance you’ll have to maneuver through at least one sticky situation before moving into your new digs. Which is why we’ve highlighted a few common scenarios, along with tips to help you gracefully handle whatever comes your way.

1. Your roommate wants to live together again next term —
but you have other plans. >>

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