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Course Hero Acquires Cardinal Scholars!

Today we are extremely excited to announce that Course Hero has acquired Cardinal Scholars, a high quality in person tutoring service based in the Bay Area, from its parent company InstaEDU, an on-demand video tutoring service. (Read up on TechCrunch!)

We’ve dedicated the last four years to building awesome digital learning resources for post secondary learners, from our database of study materials, to flashcards, tutors and courses. We’ve seen enormous success and as we continue to grow, this news marks an amazing opportunity to explore the K-12 and offline education spaces.

As we look to provide the best educational resources for any type of learner, we see massive potential in the blended learning model. For some, online education is the answer, but for others, 1:1 interaction is necessary to achieve mastery. While we wholeheartedly believe in the promise of technology to transform the way we learn for the better, we also know the immense power that great teachers hold. With this acquisition, we’ve set out to offer the best of online and offline resources, marrying Cardinal Scholars top-notch tutors with our digital resources to deliver the best, most effective learning experience possible.

Of course, this will all take time. Right now we’re focused on ensuring the smoothest transition possible for Cardinal Scholars current customers. As we move forward, we look forward to leveraging Course Hero’s resources to expand the Cardinal Scholars presence to new locations and make Cardinal Scholars an even greater learning service for students.

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Course Hero Purchases Cardinal Scholars Tutoring Business from InstaEDU

Tutoring company opens up offline and K-12 markets to digital learning resource provider Course Hero

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

Course Hero, an online provider of learning resources, announced that it has completed the purchase of the Cardinal Scholars in-home tutoring business from its parent company, InstaEDU, an on-demand video tutoring service.

Course Hero brings knowledge and experience in the education industry that will support and enhance the current Cardinal Scholars business. Cardinal Scholars will retain its name, and Course Hero plans to operate as a separate website from

“Cardinal Scholars provides Course Hero with a unique introduction to both the offline study resources space and the K-12 demographic,” said Andrew Grauer, CEO of Course Hero, Inc. “We are excited to eventually marry Cardinal Scholars’ in-person expertise with Course Hero’s online offerings to deliver a blended learning experience that optimizes the tutoring process.”

“Cardinal Scholars is committed to delivering high-quality, in-person tutoring,” said Alison Johnston, co-founder of Cardinal Scholars and CEO of InstaEDU. “As our team focuses on changing the online tutoring space with InstaEDU, we’re thrilled to have Course Hero dedicate its resources to helping Cardinal Scholars reach its full potential.”

Cardinal Scholars currently serves hundreds of students in New York, Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area with plans to expand to additional cities in the future.

“We’re looking forward to leveraging Course Hero’s resources to expand the Cardinal Scholars presence to new locations and make Cardinal Scholars an even greater learning service for students,” said Grauer.

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About Cardinal Scholars
Cardinal Scholars is an in-home tutoring service that helps k-12 students find and build a meaningful academic relationship with top-notch college tutors. Cardinal Scholars started in January 2011 and currently operates in the Bay Area, Boston and New York. For more information, visit

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