Course Hero Adds 21 New Premium Courses!

Today we’re excited to announce the addition of 21 new Premium courses to our platform from nine awesome educators.

We’ve come a long way since the fall of 2012 when we launched our Course Creation tool that allowed anyone to create a course and publish it to Course Hero. Since then, we have also invited educators to charge for the content by offering “Premium” content, enabling them to be compensated for sharing their expertise.

The 21 Premium courses we’re launching today span subjects from marketing and branding, to crash courses in acquiring new users for your startup to the psychology of learning. We have accomplished writers, former corporate executives, professors and public speaking coaches all sharing their content with the Course Hero community. Over the next month, we anticipate adding another 30 Premium courses from nine educators, bringing our course catalog to over 70.

As we continue to growour knowledge marketplace, its exciting to be able to host great educators who are sharing their content with the Course Hero community. Experts take all forms, and we look forward to building out not only our course catalogue, but the full breadth of our educational resources to reflect the extent of the expertise of our educators and the curiosity of our learners.


Course Hero Expands Courses Platform with 21 New Premium Courses

Course Hero adds new premium courses through course creator partnerships

REDWOOD CITY, CA—April 16, 2013—Today, Course Hero, Inc., an online provider of learning resources, announced the addition of 21 new Premium courses from nine educators to its Courses platform.

The platform, which launched in March 2012 with 22 free, curated courses in Entrepreneurship, Business and Web Programming, has since expanded to include Premium courseware as well as a Course Creation tool that allows any expert to create a course and publish it to Course Hero’s catalog.

With the Course Creation tool, educators have the ability to offer a free course or a Premium course for a price. In partnership with SimonSezIT, Course Hero has already added 16 Premium courses to the platform in subjects ranging from Intro to Photoshop Elements to Intro to Microsoft Access, as well as two additional Branding and Photoshop courses from Jeff Ramos and Jeremy Shuback respectively.

Today, Course Hero adds 21 new Premium courses from experts that include professors, marketing and branding professionals, executives from public and private companies and more. The new Course Creators are Blair Cook, Alexa Fischer, Bronson Taylor, Dr. Don J. Sharpsteen, Chet Davis, Anna David, Amir Khella, Deltina Hay, and Cathy Presland.

“In order for an education system to be sustainable, both the educator and learner must benefit,” said Andrew Grauer, CEO of Course Hero. “Our Courses platform is one of the many ways we expand our knowledge marketplace by inviting teachers of all forms to make money sharing their expertise with the world. Through Course Hero, learners are then able to consume as much or as little of that knowledge as they want, at their own pace.”

The Course Creation platform provides an easy-to-use tool for developing an engaging educational experience and publishing it to the Course Hero website. With layers of dynamic assessments and game mechanics that incentivize progress and reward accomplishments, Course Hero Courses enjoy a 20% completion rate, significantly higher than other online courseware providers. Some of its most popular courses, such as Intro to JavaScript, have nearly a 40% completion rate.

Over the next month, Course Hero anticipates adding up to 30 new Premium courses from an additional nine educators, bringing its catalog to over 70 courses. Premium course prices range from $9 to $99. To explore Course Hero Courses, visit www.coursehero.com/courses.

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Course Hero is an online platform providing educational resources to help students learn more effectively. Whether exploring new subjects or mastering key topics, Course Hero provides interested learners with the tools they need to achieve their goals. For more information, visit us at https://www.coursehero.com.


A full list of new Course Hero Courses and Educators


  1. Blair Cook

◦       Auditing

◦       Finance Strategies

◦       Strategic Management

◦       Risk Management 

◦       Change Management

◦       Financial Analysis

  1. Alexa Fischer

◦       Web Video 101

◦       Public Speaking 101

◦       Speak Up! Stand Out

◦       Market Your Message 

  1. Bronson Taylor

◦       HypeBomb

◦       Vet Your Startup Ideas

  1. Dr. Don J. Sharpsteen

◦       The Psychology of Learning

◦       The Psychology of Personality

◦       Social Psychology

  1. Chet Davis

◦       Mastering Your iPhone

◦       iPhone Photography Secrets 

  1. Anna David

Building Your Brand 

  1. Amir Khella

◦       Design Your User Experience in 7 Simple Steps

  1. Deltina Hay

◦       Marketing Mobile Apps for Top Visibility and Lasting Success

  1. Cathy Presland

◦       Get Momentum: Start A Business You Love



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