Course Hero’s New Vision

I spend a lot of time thinking about our vision and our mission. It’s our north star—informing every decision we make and every initiative we plan with our team. As we progress in our journey and learn more, it’s essential for us to review and evolve our vision and mission from time to time. And now is one of those times.

The Course Hero Vision: Then and Now

Since 2006, Course Hero has built a unique learning platform where students, tutors, and teachers help students study smarter and excel in their courses. For the past eight years, we’ve maintained a sharp focus on helping students find and benefit from resources specific to their studies.

As a result of that focus, our vision previously centered on the crowdsourced resources we could offer on our platform. Because we were focused on building the biggest and best resource around. Here’s our previous vision:

In Course Hero’s vision, we’re able to build an awesome course pack for every course at every school in the world!

While focusing on course-specific resources, we’ve learned a lot about the specific problems and challenges students face, having rigorously tested and iterated on thousands of ideas over the years. As a result, we have new ideas, hypotheses, and dreams about how our company can best support learning and how to maximize the chance of success for learners all around the world.

Students Have Questions, Course Hero Has Answers

We now understand that the core building block of Course Hero is a great question-and-answer pair.

Students enrolled in courses are our core users, and these students are asking and answering a myriad of questions throughout the arc of their courses. Think of a question-and-answer pair as the atom of the learning experience. Course Hero works to assemble these atoms into simple and complex molecules of knowledge.

Throughout their educational career, students participate in a variety of activities that require asking and answering questions:

  • Participating in a class discussion and writing notes
  • Working on an assignment – a problem set, lab, case study, or paper
  • Preparing for an exam with a study guide, practice exam, or flashcards

In each case, students are expected to ask and answer a lot of questions, which is the basis of the Socratic method that inspires critical thinking and illuminates ideas.

Course Hero’s New Vision

Energized by this question-and-answer epiphany, we were excited to unveil our new vision to the rest of the team.

In Course Hero’s vision, we’re able to help any student ask and answer any question for any course.

To make that vision a reality, our mission is to build the biggest and best digital archive of answers to course-specific questions, surpassing the expectations of students who need help. By putting questions and answers at the root of our mission and vision, we’ll be able to do even more in helping students succeed.

As the student experience continues to evolve, so do our mission and vision. We look forward to creating and improving our products to further this vision and mission, helping learners around the world to reach their academic goals.

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Andrew helps drive Course Hero's mission, vision, strategy, culture, and recruiting. He graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Spanish and a passion to build Course Hero. Andrew loves Mediterranean food, tennis, traveling, live music experiences, and hipster coffee in the morning.

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