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What It’s Like to Work as a Course Hero Campus Rep

The Course Hero Campus Rep program can help you earn extra money to help pay for college. Here's how it works.

Two things preoccupy most college students: Studying and being broke.

We get it. In keeping with our mission to support college students and to help address this need, we offer students the opportunity to work with us as Course Hero Campus Representatives. Campus Reps get paid to develop sales and marketing skills, help others give back to non-profits, and promote Course Hero sweepstakes and Book for Africa initiatives, all while having fun!

Here, we share the experience of Campus Rep Max Lyons, who earned more than $5,000 in a semester to help pay for rent, books, and graduation fees.

Meet Our Course Hero Campus Rep: Max Lyons

School: San Francisco State University

Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Business Administration: Concentration in Marketing

What does a typical week look like for a Course Hero Campus Representative? Max says it varies, based on the time the Campus Rep has available. “The more time you put in, the more money you’ll make,” he says. So, if Max wants to push for a top performer bonus, he can treat his role like a full-time job. During finals or a stressful week, though, he takes some time off to focus on school work. While there are semester goals to hit, his mentors at Course Hero understand that he’s a student first.

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Excelling at the job

Max usually works independently, hosting events where he shares Course Hero information with fellow students and helps them upload their study documents for others to access. He’s also teamed up with fellow SFSU Campus Reps to organize an event with the school’s Marketing Association, assisting the 30 or so students who attended by helping with uploads and answering questions about Course Hero. Max even adapted to distance learning, putting on multiple virtual events for over 70 students.

All of his hard work led to Max being named a Top Performing Campus Rep—a complete surprise to him which he says is incredibly meaningful. “I received a certificate for performing at the Top 1% of Campus Representatives during the Campus Representative Program, exceeding goals [I’d] set at the beginning of the semester,” he says. “I had no idea I was being recognized, but it made me super happy and proud of what I’ve been doing.”

Why you should become a Campus Rep

Max likes that the Campus Rep program is flexible, and provides a way to make extra money—$5,000 in a semester—if you put the time in. “It’s not hard to do,” he says. “[Course Hero] wants to help us succeed, as students and in the business world. You can make as much money as you want in this program and it can help pay for college expenses—like for me, it’s helped pay my rent, my books, my graduation fees.”

If Max’s experiences as a Campus Rep sound like something that might interest you, Course Hero is hiring at many schools. Check out if we are recruiting at yours. You too can earn $5,000 in a semester!

We encourage you to join the team, and we look forward to working with you!

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