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Course Hero Field Day 2018

Intern Kendall Wulbrun reports on this year's Field Day—an afternoon spent enjoying summer sunshine, grassy fields, collaborative games (and dodgeball too!)

Kendall Wulbrun - summer intern at Course Hero

Kendall Wulbrun

Student Writer Intern, Course Hero
Redwood City, CA
Hometown: Stanford, CA
Education: Senior, Texas Christian University, Sociology & Communication Studies

Favorite book: Love Does, by Bob Goff
Favorite podcast: The Blind Side
Favorite movie: Waiting for Guffman
Favorite thing about my job at Course Hero: Knowing that I am a small part of something that is helping other college students across the world

The whole Course Hero team - Course Hero Field Day 2018
The Course Hero team in our colorful shirts before Field Day.

Hello! My name is Kendall Wulbrun, and I am a student writer summer intern at Course Hero. My summer has been filled with so many new and exciting experiences, but Field Day 2018 definitely ranks near the top of the list! As a first-time Field Day participant, I wasn’t sure what to expect. (Be honest: It’s hard to imagine a bunch of software engineers and designers running around outside and letting loose.) But I think Field Day speaks to the friendly and collaborative atmosphere that Course Hero has built: Our community is more than just a group of hardworking professionals—we like to have fun, too!

human knot game - Course Hero Field Day 2018
We started Field Day with the “Human Knot” challenge. Each team raced to untangle their arms without breaking the chain.

Field Day started 5 years ago to bring employees together to collaborate, bond, and compete, and it lived up to a day full of fun, competition, and camaraderie. There’s no better way to end a long week of work than getting outside in the beautiful California weather to play games and enjoy each other’s company.

Frisbee game - Course Hero Field Day 2018
Emily S. rushing to add to her team’s Frisbee Pictionary drawing.

The day included so many games—from photo challenges to charades to Frisbee Pictionary baseball. Each one offered a new opportunity for someone to excel and step up to lead. Split into 18 colorful teams, we raced to compete against each other and the clock.

Course Hero Field Day 2018 - dodgeball
The beginning of an exciting game of dodgeball!

Before announcing the winner, all 18 teams engaged in a great game of dodgeball—with the added twist of water balloons tossed in from the side. A winning team was crowned at the end, but to me, Field Day wasn’t about winning. It was simply an opportunity to connect with new people and enjoy the engaging and welcoming community that Course Hero has created.

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