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Course Hero Launches the Knowledge Drive in Canada!

Over the past few years, Course Hero has established Business Development internship programs on college campuses across the United States. In each program, interns build and lead their own team of students, who help donate books to children abroad through the Knowledge Drive, Course Hero’s philanthropic partnership with Books for Africa. Interns are also instrumental in building strong academic resources for their campuses by sharing materials on the Course Hero site. In the last year, the Course Hero internship program has flourished, and it is now available to students at more than 1,100 college campuses across the U.S.

Our goals of increasing access to educational resources and donating books to children abroad began with Course Hero’s work in the U.S. In the fall of 2013, however, we excitedly began expansion of the Course Hero Knowledge Drive into Canada, through the development of our internship program on Canadian college and university campuses. We have now established the internship on 80 campuses across Canada, and have seen as many as 100 students per week applying to the program!

As a Senior Campus Manager with Course Hero, I have had the pleasure of managing dozens of interns, from universities and colleges in the U.S., as well as Canada. We have had an influx of amazing, highly qualified Canadian students eager to launch the Knowledge Drive on their campuses, but one intern stands out as one of my strongest students to date.


Dayo Odutayo, McMaster University’s lead Course Hero intern

Dayo Odutayo, McMaster University Class of 2015, has made huge strides in building a high-quality academic resource for his campus, and has donated more than 235 books to the Knowledge Drive in the last few months. In addition to developing and leading a team of 15 students to build this resource, Dayo has now been promoted from intern to Student Manager, and now manages a team of four interns on his own. In only a few weeks under his leadership, this team has already donated 100 books to the Knowledge Drive!

Dayo shares some of his experience thus far:

“Starting the Knowledge Drive at McMaster has been a life-altering experience. It is absolutely stunning how everything has come together so smoothly and effectively even though Course Hero is not only new to our campus but to Canada as a whole! It would be impossible for me to take too much credit for the huge success we have had here at McMaster. I have to thank the extraordinary managerial team at Course Hero HQ for such a well-executed expansion.  Alex, who is my manager at Course Hero, has been nothing but an ideal mentor and amazing motivator, she is truly a boss. She has created the greatest environment for my team and I to prosper in. This internship has been designed in a way to give interns the freedom to constantly innovate and develop ideas that advance our ability to connect with as many students as possible. This is an original experience and it has done wonders in developing my leadership skills, confidence and ability to communicate, amongst many other skills.

Due to my time at Course Hero, my drive to achieve higher goals and my confidence in my abilities are exponentially growing. As a result, I’m constantly planning for the future of the Knowledge Drive. It is my mission to make that sure as many students, from as many faculties from McMaster learn about this academic resource and begin to use it in order to expand their minds, and increase their grades while also helping people who are seeking education all around the world. My team and I will accomplish this by personally reaching out to every student we can. Nothing is more effective than personally taking time to talk to people face-to-face. We know making a difference takes work; Course Hero has created something compelling to believe in, which inspires us to willingly put in the work.”

This year, we are excited to see interns in both the U.S. and Canada feel empowered to create accessible academic resources for their campuses, while also helping donate books to children abroad. Inspired by the dedication of our awesome interns and the power of education, our goal for the future is clear: to build a comprehensive supplemental educational resource for students all over the world!

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