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Introducing Course Hero Practice Problems BETA

Just in time for finals, Course Hero is launching a new tool to help students test their knowledge, focus their studying, and prepare for exams.

Since 2006, Course Hero has grown a massive library of study resources for students. But it’s not just full of documents—the platform also includes millions of questions and answers contributed by a community of educators and students.

What’s great about these Q&As is that they’re tagged to specific classes and concepts. And with our newest tool, Practice ProblemsBETA, these questions and answers will come to life, allowing students to quiz themselves on the exact material they’re studying. (It’s being released in beta so real students can try out Practice ProblemsBETA and provide feedback, ultimately improving the product’s functionality.)

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Course Hero’s Practice Problems

What is it?

With Practice ProblemsBETA, students can quiz themselves. They’ll see a series of 20 multiple-choice questions, choose their answers, then check to see if they got them right. (The answers will include detailed, step-by-step explanations.)

How can students try it?

Starting this fall, certain documents in Course Hero’s massive library will offer the option to “Start Practicing.” This will launch Practice ProblemsBETA generated from the exact topic they’ve been studying.

Does it cost money?

No, using Practice ProblemsBETA is free!

Who should use it?

Any student who wants to better prepare for exams should try Practice ProblemsBETA. Research shows that retrieval practice—a.k.a. quizzing yourself—is a very effective way to learn material.

Why it matters

The release of Practice ProblemsBETA is an exciting new chapter for Course Hero. “Course Hero is already a great complement to the classroom experience, helping students discover and learn new information related to whatever course they’re taking, at their college,” says Shawn Jolly, product manager at Course Hero. “Now, with Practice ProblemsBETA, we’re taking it to a new level. We’re making these resources interactive in a whole new way.”

The user experience and design of Practice ProblemsBETA is highly intentional. Students will find the experience to be clean, clear, and straightforward, so they can get the practice they need on desktop or mobile.

Practice ProblemsBETA is just one more reason for students to make Course Hero part of their regular study routine. “Course Hero has a vast, unique library of course-specific content,” says Jolly. “Students continue to come our platform to find content they can’t find elsewhere. Now, with Practice ProblemsBETA, they’re able to get even more from their study sessions.”

To see Course Hero’s new Practice ProblemsBETA in action, check out the live Practice ProblemBETA demo.

What Is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online learning platform where you can access course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators.