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Introducing Course Hero Teaching Grants

Program offers funds and support for transformational learning experiences using technology.

Education is the bedrock of our society and is made possible by dedicated educators that are often underpaid, under-resourced and undervalued. Our vision for the world is one where every student graduates confident and prepared, and this can only be made possible by listening to, partnering with, supporting and celebrating educators.

Support can take many forms and over the years we focused our efforts on developing an educator resource platform, organizing teaching-focused events and building a community of nearly 100,000 educators – all with the goal of helping educators achieve a greater impact through their teaching practices, and ultimately help students study and learn more effectively.

Today, we are pleased to introduce Course Hero’s Teaching Grant program, adding an important funding element to our educator-focused efforts. We are granting up to $2,000USD to fund dream class projects and support educators interested in innovative digital learning and pedagogy.

The grant is available to higher education faculty currently teaching an undergraduate class at any higher education institution in the United States. The project proposal should be completed by instructors of record for the class and include how the instructor intends to use a digital medium to support student learning during the Fall 2022 term. An instructor of record is any teacher or staff member employed to teach courses and authorize credit for the successful completion of those courses. The application deadline is May 25, 2022 and applicants will be notified of their application status via email by late June 2022, while funds will be distributed to grant recipients in early July.

Course Hero’s Educator Community team, which includes former college instructors with extensive classroom experience, will select 50 instructors to receive the teaching grants. They will assess project proposals and their capacity to promote digital learning, innovative pedagogy, as well as, active and inclusive student-centered learning that has the potential to drive long-term learning and critical thinking. Finally, the team will assess the feasibility of the project based on the plan outlining the curriculum, tools, and funds needed to execute.

In addition to funding, grant recipients will receive a course planning consultation and ongoing support throughout the teaching term from experienced former educators. They will be invited to virtual check-ins to discuss project progress, invitations to network with fellow grantees, an opportunity to showcase their work and they will receive a one-year subscription to Course Hero’s teaching resource library.

Learn more about the Course Hero teaching grant program here. We invite you and your colleagues to apply by May 25, 2022.

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