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Why I Joined Course Hero: Ereen Sorial, Educator Partnerships Operations Manager

When a fortuitous short-term temp job led to a long-term culmination of interests and passions, some would call it luck. Others, divine intervention.

A good few years into my tourism career leading tours around Egypt’s major historic sites, I decided to return to school for a master’s degree in international development. My aspiration was to enrich my education, then take the first step toward a new career in the social sector. In the summer of 2017, I earned my degree from UC Berkeley. I was ready to find my dream job, pursue my passion for social good, become a change agent in the face of social challenges—particularly those related to education.

Landing the perfect job proved to be more of a challenge than I’d expected, especially coming from a different professional and geographical background. When a few months of searching yielded only a handful of uninspiring offers, I decided to get some professional help. I googled recruiting agencies, called the one at the top of my search results, and scheduled an appointment to meet with a recruiter the following morning. During my meeting, I shared my background and my passion for education. The recruiter told me about a two-week gig with a “pretty cool tech company focused on education.” (Her words.) The job was to start the following Monday. I said, “Yes!”

That pretty cool company was Course Hero.

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The minute I walked in, I fell in love with the space—the large windows flooding the office with light (I have a weakness for natural light) and showcasing the beautiful view. I made a mental note to research job openings at Course Hero to see if any might be a good fit.

My first week was super busy, and I didn’t get to it. But, on that Friday, I was approached by someone from the team to discuss an opportunity. It turned out that the chief of staff at Course Hero had pulled up my resume and thought I might be a match for an open spot on the Educator Community Team. A few interviews and two weeks later, I was offered the job of the Educator Community Operations Manager, and the rest is history. My desk is right next to the window. I can’t complain!

Clearly, I stumbled upon my current job at Course Hero, and while some might say it was a stroke of luck, I believe it was divine intervention. Working for a mission-driven company is exactly what I’d been looking for. I am particularly passionate about education and its power to change lives and open doors to opportunities. Course Hero strives to provide access to quality education to all students, and the company is driven by a powerful vision of “a world where every student graduates confident and prepared” for what lies ahead.

And, as it turns out, many of my past experiences prepared me for my current job.

As part of a team of former educators, our mission is to build a community of college educators who can connect and tap into each other’s expertise through our online platform. My time as a teaching assistant during grad school prepared me for many of the discussions that take place within my team, and with the educators. I also have event planning experience from my tourism industry days, which serves me well as I support the planning of the multiple Educator Community events we host.

Moreover, my master’s degree capstone project focused on education: I consulted for a low-resource lab school in Egypt to support their efforts to change to a more progressive educational model. Part of my project involved researching 3 case studies of lab schools in the US, which gave me an understanding of this country’s education landscape. It provided the foundation that I build on daily as I research and connect with educators from institutions across the country.

In addition to my role within the Education Community Team, I’m an active member of the volunteer committee, where I also have a chance to make an impact. The committee is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program that Course Hero rolled out earlier this year. Our mission is to drive employee engagement efforts to give back to our community. Over the past months, we’ve led a number of volunteer initiatives to support the local community. I am excited about my contribution on the volunteer committee, and I strive to find more opportunities at Course Hero where we can leverage our success to drive more social impact.

It’s not just my background, my passion for education, and my desire to be part of a mission-driven and socially responsible company that make this job a good fit for me. It’s also the company culture of open communication, collective thinking, and a growth mindset. People at Course Hero try new things and are not afraid to fail. If something isn’t working, the team pivots to try something different. If it works, they celebrate success and build on it. I find the mindset of focusing on solutions rather than problems extremely motivating.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of an amazing culture and brilliant team. I am continually inspired, and I find every day and every project I work on at Course Hero a learning opportunity that I cherish.

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