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Supporting Women in UX with the Hexagon UX Mentorship Program

Course Hero’s senior design manager shares a recap of the company’s kickoff event for the Hexagon UX Mentorship Program’s summer cohort.

“Always learning” is one of our 5 Course Hero company values. This approach to work means we champion self-learning and encourage taking on new challenges. Our commitment to this value is why I was excited to host an event for an organization that’s all about continuous learning—the Hexagon UX Mentorship Program.


The Hexagon UX Mentorship Program is an organization that facilitates mentorship for women and nonbinary individuals in the field of UX (user experience). It’s founded on the idea that with community and connections, women can better build the critical skills needed to be successful UX researchers and designers. I started the program in the Bay Area in 2015 (along with two other UXers) with the goal of supporting women in UX by giving them the opportunity to learn from more experienced women in the industry—just as I had. Now the Bay Area chapter runs 4 cohorts a year, and the overall program has expanded to Seattle, Denver, Houston, New York City, and London.

Although the program focuses on mentorship for women by women, it also supports mentorship for nonbinary individuals. In addition, male mentors are invited to join once a year for the summer cohorts. Our event welcomed 50 designers and researchers to our office in Redwood City. The group was a mix of mentees looking for guidance on best practices, interviewing tips, and portfolio feedback, and mentors who came with varied experiences—from small design agencies to large tech companies, and self-taught career paths to formal graduate programs. We even had a few of our own UX designers participate.


The goal of the event is to pair mentors and mentees for a 3-month partnership. Although I’ve hosted many of these events at other companies in both the Bay Area and Seattle, seeing the energy and enthusiasm of mentees when they have the chance to talk one on one with more experienced mentors never gets old. We’re looking forward to hosting more events in our office to support women and nonbinary individuals in UX and the pursuit of continuous learning.

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