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Meet Savannah Vartabedian, Winner of the July 2019 Scholarship

This scholarship winner will graduate from University of New Hampshire with a BS in Exercise Science. Learn how you could be our next winner!

High achievers in every field set goals for themselves. It’s a powerful tool for turning your dreams into reality. After spending the summer shadowing a physical therapist who works with children with disabilities, our featured scholarship recipient, Savannah Vartabedian, reflected on setting goals in her winning essay.

From her experience, she writes, she did more than broaden her practical knowledge of anatomy and physiology and which activities are best for strengthening certain muscles. She also learned the importance of setting realistic goals as a means of focusing attention and effort. By “watching this physical therapist set goals for each child and work toward achieving them, [I learned] about patience [and] dedication toward achieving a goal,” Savannah wrote. She says she will apply these skills to her life and education.

At Course Hero we have goals as well: Our “north star” goal is to help all college students on their journey to graduate confident and prepared. It’s why we created our library of 30 million educational documents, as well as our scholarship opportunities. Each month we award two $5,000 scholarships, with $190,000 given out to date!

We’re delighted we could support our Course Hero July 2019 Scholarship winner, Savannah Vartabedian from University of New Hampshire, as she works toward her goal of becoming a physical therapist. Please join us in congratulating Savannah on her win.

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Here’s a little bit more about our winner…

Name: Savannah Vartabedian

Hometown: Wilbraham, Massachusetts

School: University of New Hampshire

Major: Exercise Science

Favorite thing about your school: The campus is beautiful and the professors and students are very friendly and will always lend a helping hand.

Favorite activities outside of school: Outside of classes, I am on the women’s track and field team here at UNH, and I love to go on hikes and read books.

Future plans: I am planning on attending grad school in the future to become a physical therapist.

How this scholarship will help you: It will help me pay for my undergraduate degree here at UNH.

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