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Knowledge Drive Participation Soars

Since we started the Course Hero Knowledge Drive in November of 2010, students and educators have already been responsible for donating nearly 6,000 books to Books for Africa (BFA). Although this is just a fraction of our goal-150,000 books- it is the equivalent of a library that will serve generations of readers and curious minds.

What exactly is the Knowledge Drive? How it works is simple. A student uploads his or her own study materials to our website and for every 10 documents accepted by our system, we donate one book to BFA. This accomplishes two goals. For one, it improves our services by increasing the breadth of knowledge on our website. Secondly, it fulfills our commitment to the open access of educational resources. We understand that that access has a diverse meaning for people in different circumstances so by making more books available to students in Africa, we hope to deepen the definition of our mission.

Speaking of our mission, we’re ecstatic about the relationship we’ve built with the folks over at BFA. A recent news article underscored the similarities we share with them. John Stacey, our Vice President of Campus Programs and founder of the Knowledge Drive, explained our non-profit selection process: “We partnered with the one that we connected with best — both on a personal level, and in [making] education and educational resources more accessible for all.” Certainly BFA’s mission of “providing the tools of empowerment” for future generations aligns nicely with our own and the results have proved it.

College students are often the starting point for movements that change the world because of their optimism and willingness to accept steep challenges. Based on how leaders from schools across the country have applied in droves to be a part of the program and help spread awareness about the Knowledge Drive, this assumption has proved itself true yet again. 150 leaders at schools in all corners of the country, from Boise State to NYU, have emerged and jumpstarted the program and we’re forever grateful to them along with participating students.

Let’s continue changing the world in a positive and meaningful way through participation in our Knowledge Drive.

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