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Margarita Quihuis to Speak at Course Hero’s Education Summit 2018

Margarita Quihuis—behavior designer, social entrepreneur, mentor capitalist, and thought leader—will present at the Course Hero Education Summit 2018.

“There’s a really interesting opportunity in educational technology to reduce bias,” says Margarita Quihuis, codirector of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab. “That certainly is a problem in the classroom, as it is in every walk of life.”

As applied to education theory, innovation helps students and teachers engage across so-called “difference boundaries,” the result of which is a reduction in bias. “You want to have as diverse a team as possible and still have people get along to get the best kinds of ideas, the best kind of innovation,” Quihuis says. “So as these students move into yet-to-be-created jobs in this century, being able to work effectively, collaboratively, cooperatively in a team is really essential.”

As the codirector of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab, Quihuis researches behavior design and new methods of educational instruction with the goals of promoting positive change throughout the world and making learning more engaging and rewarding. Some of her other achievements include becoming the first director of Astia (formerly known as the Women’s Technology Cluster) and being named one of the “100 Most Influential Latinas in Silicon Valley.” For her TED Talk, titled “A New Definition of Peace,” she spoke on the measurable effect persuasive technology has in reducing conflict on a global scale.

Her research in the fields of behavior design and game design thinking has made her a respected thought leader in the academic world. At the Course Hero Education Summit 2018, Quihuis and co-presenter Chris Bennett, a renowned game designer, will set out to address the question, “How do we make students the best versions of themselves?”

Ultimately, Quihis says, technological and behavioral innovations can help students become more confident and more engaged lifelong learners. By redesigning the educational experience and anchoring it to tech that students already use—think games, apps, and social media—educators can offer a more targeted, relatable, customizable, and rewarding experience for students. “Students don’t come [into the classroom] with empty brains. They come in with prior knowledge and experience.” Persuasive technology can help students contextualize what they know and lead them to master even difficult abstract topics.

The insights provided by these innovative methods are also highly beneficial to educators. “You can see with great precision who’s getting it and who isn’t,” Quihuis says. Another benefit of technology is that it can foster a more supportive, emotional relationship between teacher and student. “Because the technology can give quick rewards, it augments the teacher’s ability to be good and encouraging to the student. And then when the teacher has time with that student, they can personalize that conversation.”

About the Course Hero Education Summit

The Course Hero Education Summit seeks to advance innovation in education and celebrate excellence in teaching by bringing together a community of educators striving to create a world where every student graduates confident and prepared.

The theme of this year’s Summit is “Lessons in Teaching.” Through lightning talks, roundtable discussions, and keynote speakers, educators will be empowered to learn from one another and glean lessons they can apply in their classrooms and communities, regardless of discipline or area of focus.

For more information about the Course Hero Education Summit, you can visit the event landing page.

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