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New Research Reveals Startling Stats on Student Stress

New research shows 90% of parents worry that their child is struggling to cope with their academic workload and 64% of parents felt their children were overwhelmed with too many assignments—and that's before they even get to college.

Between tough classes, on-campus involvement, sports, and trying to have a social life, your college years are likely the most stressful time of your life so far. And maybe that’s what you went in expecting— after all, it’s no mystery that college is hard work.

But the statistics surrounding college students and stress are still pretty shocking. This year, the American College Health Association found that 17% of college students were diagnosed with or treated for anxiety and 13.9% for depression. Across the nation, colleges are seeing startling increases in student visits to their counseling centers.

But how can we truly know if all of this starts during college? While it’s tricky to trace back to the exact source, we wanted to dive a little deeper into stress for students before they even get to college—and we thought the best way to go about that was to ask their parents. After all, they’re the ones worrying about you 24/7.

We partnered with OnePoll to collect data from 2,000 parents of school-age kids on their feelings surrounding academic expectations, school stressors, and their kids’ mental health, and we found that more than 1 in 5 parents have sought professional help for their child’s stress, and a further 24% have considered it. And that’s before they even start college.

Here’s what else we found:

Parents feel their kids lack the necessary school-life balance.

  • 90% of parents worry that their child is struggling to cope with managing their academic workload
  • 64% of parents felt their children feel overwhelmed with too many homework assignments

Students need to take mental health days off from school to de-stress.

  • Over half (52%) of parents allow their child to have a day off from school to decompress from school tasks.

Parents look for ways to help.

  • 80% of parents have looked for a way to help their child(ren) with their homework.

Parents turn to online help for their kids.

  • 51.85% of parents have sought additional academic help for their child, like hiring a tutor, seeking online help, etc.     

Northeastern students are more likely to speak out.

  • Northeast students  are significantly more likely to talk about school stress or pressure with their parents (71.31%) followed by students from the Midwest (70.25%)

So if this feeling in college is familiar, it could be because you’ve actually been tackling stress long before you even left home.

Our CEO and co-founder, Andrew Grauer, says “This study allows us a glimpse into how students are juggling the multiple demands being placed on them and the precious little amount of time they have to meet them. Today’s students have to balance classwork, homework, study groups, family life, extracurricular activities, sports, and even part-time jobs. Given the research results, we need to ask ourselves: Are we asking too much of these kids given how much time they have for all these activities, and, more importantly, how can we help them outside the classroom?”

By tackling the issues of lack of time, mastery, collaboration, and personalization—big problems that students and educators face today—we want to change the way students learn, study, and enter the workplace of the future.

Read more about the importance of collaborative learning, collaborative teaching, and learn how to start a successful study group. And remember, your health is important! Learn techniques for managing stress and for staying healthy in college.

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