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Meet Chavva Olander, Winner of the Summer Break 2019 Scholarship

This scholarship winner will graduate from California State University Fullerton with a BA in Philosophy. Learn how you could be our next winner!

Course Hero is devoted to helping students learn; it’s why we created our library of more than 30 million educational documents. While our focus revolves around encouraging classroom learning, we recognize that important learning happens outside of the classroom, too. This thinking is what led us to pose the question, “How do you stay in a learning mindset while not in school?” to scholarship applicants.

In her winning essay, Chavva Olander elaborated on the fact that learning is a lifelong pursuit—and how it’s the thread that ties together the many different aspects of her life: full-time college student, homeschooling parent, and tutor for teens. She writes that school breaks are “an excellent time to cultivate new skills or enhance my existing capabilities. I aim to read daily, placing no restrictions on the subjects I’ll delve into. School breaks provide time and space for the knowledge and insights gained in the classroom to be put to practical use.”

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Chavva weaves her thoughts about learning into her work with her students, encouraging them to make better connections between their studies and the world in which they live.

We love Chavva’s commitment to sharing her knowledge and are happy to support her pursuits through this scholarship.

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Our Course Hero Summer Break 2019 Scholarship winner is Chavva Olander from California State University Fullerton. Please help us congratulate Chavva on her win. Her passion for learning is inspiring!

Here’s a little bit more about our winner …

Name: Chavva Olander

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

School: California State University Fullerton

Major: Philosophy

Favorite thing about your school: My professors create innovative and engaging lectures. They are approachable and genuinely committed to students’ success.

Favorite activities outside of school: Spending time with my daughters

Favorite authors: David Sedaris and Armistead Maupin are my current favorites.

Favorite movies: Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream and Mother!

Favorite TV shows: The Golden Girls

Favorite music: R.E.M. and Amanda Palmer

Future plans: I plan to pursue a PhD after receiving my undergraduate degree and would eventually like to teach philosophy at the college level.

How this scholarship will help you: I am so grateful to Course Hero for this scholarship. It will be extremely helpful in offsetting the cost of books, supplies, and transportation. As a full-time student with full-time work and family commitments outside of school, it is immensely helpful to receive this financial assistance.

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