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What It’s Like to Be a Summer Intern at Course Hero

Interested in becoming an intern at edtech company Course Hero? One of our 2018 program participants is spilling the secrets of her summer experience.

My summer as a Course Hero student writer intern was full of new experiences and opportunities. As my introduction to the working world, this internship didn’t disappoint. From personal projects to company events, each experience provided a chance to get to know the incredible people of Course Hero and understand what drives this inspirational company.

Ownership of projects

As an intern, I never expected to have so much ownership over my projects. I had the opportunity to create a new onboarding system, update the site for student writers and editors of the Student Voices program, and I even assisted in the interviewing and hiring processes of these students. As an aspiring admissions counselor, I found it invaluable to experience interview and evaluation techniques, especially with college students.

But my favorite project was writing my own articles. Writing gave me the power to help and inspire others in a creative way.

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Friendly environment

CEO Andrew Grauer with interns
CEO Andrew Grauer speaks with student interns at Course Hero

From my first day at Course Hero to my last, I was constantly impressed by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the office. I was treated like any other member of the team and I enjoyed engaging in conversations with almost everyone. I even had the opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with Course Hero’s CEO, Andrew Grauer. He was so humble and genuinely interested in me and the questions I had for him.

Field Day was another great example of the camaraderie and friendship that exists at Course Hero. I loved getting outside on a Friday afternoon and engaging in fun activities and a game of dodgeball with everyone. The people at Course Hero really made working for this company a wonderful time!

Power of education

Sir Ken Robinson - Creative Schools Transforming Education
Sir Ken Robinson speaks about Creative Schools Transforming Education at the 2018 Course Hero Education Summit

I’ve always believed in the power of education, but after my time at Course Hero and attending our incredible Education Summit, my belief is stronger than ever. Through conversations with Andrew Grauer and many others at the company, I came to understand just how strongly everyone believes in Course Hero’s mission and stands behind their “why.” (I was even able to participate in a few marketing meetings developing our “why.”) I realized that everyone at Course Hero has personal experiences that motivate them to improve the educational experience for others.

The Education Summit was an amazing bonus to my internship. As someone who hopes to pursue a career in education, I was overjoyed listening to the speakers and presenters at the Summit. Dr. Robert Reich and Sir Ken Robinson are leaders in educational innovation, and I felt so lucky to experience their brilliance in person.

My time at Course Hero has reaffirmed that education is my true passion in life, and I’m so glad I could explore this passion in edtech, if only for a summer. I know my experiences and relationships from the past 11 weeks will continue to inspire my role in educational change—and I can’t wait to see the continued impact Course Hero has on education, too!

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