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Meet Megan Tagami, Winner of the Summer School 2019 Scholarship

This scholarship winner will graduate from UCLA with a BA in Political Science. Learn how you could be our next winner!

People talk a lot about work/life balance, but not enough about school/life balance. And it’s easy to let schoolwork take over your life—especially when you’ve got Course Hero’s library of 30 million-plus educational documents right at your fingertips. But for the sake of your health and well-being, striking a balance is key.

That message was highlighted in Megan Tagami’s winning scholarship essay, detailing how her own intensive SAT study plan completely monopolized one summer. “It was awful,” she says. Her important takeaway from that experience: The secret to being productive and happy is balance. “Staying in the library for a few hours after classes end, training [my]self to use school spaces for homework and leaving relaxing places, like [my] bedroom [and] backyard, solely for enjoyment, [has become] a valuable practice.”

This a great way to stay on top of schoolwork and still get the most enjoyment from your free time, and there are other benefits as well: Studying on school grounds can cut down on distractions, while studying in bed can negatively affect sleep.

Even if you’ve nailed the coursework–college experience time-management skills, finances can throw a wrench into things. (And talk about negatively impacting sleep!) Specifically, paying tuition can turn your balancing act into a juggling act. That’s why Course Hero is happy to lend a hand each month, offering scholarship opportunities for eligible students. We’ve given out $190,000 to date.

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Our Course Hero Summer School 2019 Scholarship winner is Megan Tagami from UCLA. Please help us congratulate Megan on her win. We can’t wait to watch her bask in the sunlight of her success!

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Here’s a little bit more about our winner …

Name: Megan Tagami

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

School: University of California, Los Angeles

Major: Political Science

Favorite thing about your school: All of the research opportunities in various fields, and the incredible school spirit on campus!

Favorite activities outside of school: Running, and playing piano!

Favorite book: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

Favorite movie: Big Hero 6

Future plans: I plan to graduate in 2023, and I hope to eventually work in a congressional office. I also hope to study and intern in Washington, DC, during my time at UCLA!

How this scholarship will help you: I plan to put this scholarship toward my book expenses next quarter and alleviate the costs of my tuition.

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