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We’ve Surpassed 200,000 Book Donations to Books for Africa!

Course Hero surpassed 200,000 Book Donations to Books for Africa!

Blog picture 1I always dreamed of a role that would allow me to work with people who value global citizenship—not just the idea of it, but the scrappiness, resiliency, and compassion that global citizenship requires.

Those traits are exactly how I would describe the interns and colleagues who I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. That’s why it is such an honor to announce that together we have officially surpassed 200,000 book donations to our Books for Africa partner schools in The Gambia!

At Course Hero, we aren’t just talking about open sourcing education—we are putting in the hours and actually doing it. During our Professional Development Internship Program, our interns gain the managerial, business, and leadership skills necessary to build the resource that expands access to education, both here and abroad. Through their meetings, uploading parties, and persistent follow-ups, our interns ensure that education becomes more than just a privilege for some, but instead a right for all. Hitting this milestone directly reflects what we care about most here at Course Hero: Impacting education on a global scale—one document and one book at a time.

We are thrilled to share the words and photos of some of our Knowledge Drive students who have rallied around our dedication to Books for Africa. Throughout their internships, these globally-minded students practiced the skills they’ll need to succeed after graduation while simultaneously giving the same opportunities to students abroad. To us, that’s a win-win.

Blog picture 2 - Veronica Miller
Veronica Miller

Veronica Miller, SUNY New Paltz ‘15, Student Manager

Surpassing 200,000 book donations means that there are 200,000 more ideas for children to learn who may not normally have had access to those ideas. I’m extremely proud of not only myself, but my team. I hope Course Hero and Books for Africa can one day double the amount of books donated.


Blog picture 3 - Tahaniya Merchant
Tahaniya Merchant, 101 Books Donated!

Tahaniya Merchant, York University ’17, Student Leader

 Residing in Africa for 20 years and watching my country evolve, I feel that Course Hero is the step towards fulfilling the desires of thousands that are deprived of education. As a university student in Canada, I have gradually witnessed the importance of education in one’s life. I strongly believe that education is the way to uplift and empower communities.


Kristine Beatty

Kristine Beatty, Robert Morris University ’15, Student Manager

I joined the Course Hero internship program in interest of donating at least 1 book to Books for Africa, therefore changing at least 1 life. I can now look back and say that along with my team and the rest of Course Hero, we have changed hundreds of thousands of lives. That’s what I’m most proud of.

Lauren Prott
Lauren Prott

Lauren Prott, University of Mount Olive ’15, Student Manager

Books are the key to education and education is the key to a better and higher standard of living. By allowing a child to explore the world through books, you help them better understand the world they want to create and the means by which to accomplish their goals. I am glad to be a part of a child’s learning experience and hope that my efforts will benefit them throughout their life.

James McQuade
James McQuade

James McQuade, Notre Dame ’17, Student Manager

Surpassing 200,000 book donations is such a tremendous milestone because it’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of so many talented students. Not only are we creating a comprehensive study tool that student can access 24/7, but we’re also donating books to underprivileged children. It means the world to me and my team to give the gift of education.


Interested in joining the cause? Learn more about Course Hero’s Knowledge Drive, Books for Africa,  and our Business Development Internship here!


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