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What Is Course Hero?

Learn more about Course Hero and its platform of over 20 million course-specific documents, practice tests, study guides, and videos to help students study.

Course Hero is an online learning platform with more than 20 million course-specific documents shared by a community of students and educators. Our vision is to help every student graduate confident and prepared, and we work toward that vision by making it easy for students to share and discover resources, to get unstuck, to practice, and to understand the how’s and why’s of what they’re studying.

When you use Course Hero, you’ll find notes uploaded by students (who have taken the exact courses you’re taking, at your specific college), study guides and videos, answers to commonly asked questions, and more. We also have blogs full of great advice for students, tutors available 24/7 to answer your most pressing questions, and interactive practice problems.

In short: When it’s time for studying, it’s time for Course Hero.

Study resources for the courses you’re actually taking—whenever you need them.

Start here

To use Course Hero, sign up for an account. Then, you can unlock content for free by uploading and sharing your notes and study documents you’ve created, or subscribe for access to the following features:

Class notes

No matter which classes you’re taking, Course Hero is likely to have study documents to help you. You’ll find a wide range of study materials shared by educators and other students—including lecture notes, labs, essays and papers, and more.

Study guides

Course Hero works with education experts to craft rich, rewarding, and insightful study guides for a variety of popular texts and survey-level subjects.

Our literary guides provide all of the context you’ll need for more than 600 books you’re reading and writing about, with videos, chapter breakdowns, infographics, and more. And our newest study guides—currently available for introductory-level STEM, social sciences, and business and accounting subjects—feature illustrations, videos, and text to help you learn and understand important core concepts.

Practice Problems

With Course Hero’s interactive Practice Problems, you can be sure you’re ready for that assessment or exam. Course Hero’s Practice Problems let you to take a 20-question multiple-choice quiz created from the specific content you’re studying. Don’t just take our word for it: Studies show that retrieval practice is a great way to be sure that you’ve really got a handle on the material.

24/7 Tutors

When you need more detailed, step-by-step explanations, get help from Course Hero tutors. Since they’re always available, it can be a great way to get unstuck and deepen your understanding, no matter when you’re studying.

College Advice

Course Hero’s College Life is constantly updated with advice and insights to help keep you motivated, confident and prepared. You’ll discover tips like how to improve your focus, how to make friends in college, how to make the most of downtime, and even ideas for study break binge watching.

Get Started

Ready to try it? One more thing to know: There are two ways to access everything you need on Course Hero. You can upload your own original notes and study materials to earn free unlocks. Or, you can subscribe to Course Hero; prices start at $9.95/month.

What Is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online learning platform where you can access course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators.