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11 Last-Minute Study Tips for Finals Week

Whether you’re prepared or procrastinating, finals are nearly here! These 11 tips can help you make the most out of your last-minute studying.

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What’s It Like to Work as a Course Hero Campus Rep?

Flexible hours let you earn spending money in your free time without letting your schoolwork slide. Come join our team!

Course Hero Resources

What It’s Like to Work as a Course Hero Campus Rep

Learn how the Course Hero Campus Rep Program can help you build sales and marketing skills to take into the business world.

Course Hero Resources

Uploads for a Good Cause

Course Hero is partnering with college organizations across the country to make philanthropic donations. Find out how your group can partner with us next!

Course Hero Resources

How to Unblur Course Hero Documents

If last week’s lecture has faded from memory and your notes are no help, let Course Hero’s library of study guides and documents help unblur things.

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