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10 Little Ways to Treat Yourself During Finals

Show yourself (and your friends) a little love during finals week. These mini-indulgences will boost your mood and outlook big-time.

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13 Life Hacks for Finals Week

Here, hints and hacks, tips and tech to help you approach cram-and-exams with clearer focus, better sleep, more confidence, and less hair-pulling panic.


10 Study Snack Recipes for Powering Through Finals

Your head's spinning from studying -- and your heart's in holiday mode? We’ve got you. Lift your mood and power through exams with these tasty treats.


Before an Exam: 6 Do’s and Don’ts for the Final Hour

You’ve studied all you can … now it’s go-time. Two experts share tips to help you make the most of the last 60 minutes before you walk into the exam.


Doggy Therapy for College Students

Studying for finals can be super stressful. So why not take a pause (paws?) for some furry cuddles and doggy kisses, guaranteed to lift your spirits.

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