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Study Tips for STEM Classes: Active Reading

STEM classes are tough, that’s for sure. But the right set of study skills can help you master the course material. Here’s how to do it.

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Study Tips

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the English Language

Need a fun study break? Take a "moment" to discover a few facts about the English language that may surprise you. (That's 90 seconds, by the way...)


Move to This City Based on Your Major

These 12 cities, a little off the beaten path, offer many resources and job opportunities for recent grads. You might not know about them … but you should.

Study Tips

Learn How to Focus (on Homework and Everything Else)

Multitasking may be in your DNA, but deep learning requires your undivided attention. Here are the habits you should develop to strengthen your focus.


7 Things No One Tells You About Making Friends in College

You’ve settled in to academic life, but the social thing isn’t falling into place like you imagined. Here’s the truth about making friends your first year.

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