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10 Helpful Online Essay Writing Tools to Explore

Next time you sit down to write an essay, break out your toolbox ... writing tools, that is. Discover 10 online tools to help you write with confidence.

Getting ready to write an amazing, impressive, creative, compelling essay? You’ve got this—especially when you check out all the tools that can help you get there.

Here are 10 great online writing tools you’ll love:

1. Start here

Assignment Help: This educational portal holds a whole wealth of information that you can use. There’s citation guides, plagiarism checkers, and a grammar guide. It should be the first place to stop if you need some guidance.

Study resources for the courses you’re actually taking—whenever you need them.

Start here

2. Work through your ideas

Wridea: Feel like you’ve got a head full of ideas that you can’t sort through? Try writing them down with this tool. This resource will save your ideas for you so that they’re safely stored for when you’re ready to get back to them. It’s a good tool to use when you’re hashing out ideas for your essays.

3. Craft a strong thesis

Thesis Generator: You can’t have a great essay without a decent thesis. If you’re struggling to make one, try this tool. Just follow the prompts to gain a solid sense of what your thesis should resemble.

4. Get inspired

Quillpad: This site is great for anyone who’s looking to improve upon his or her writing skills. There’s a plethora of advice and tips from established authors that you can put to use. There’s also the chance to share your own writing and ask for constructive criticism from other writers online.

5. Stay within your word count limits

Word Counter: Every assignment has a word limit, and it’s vital to work within it. If you don’t, you’re in danger of waffling over the limit or underselling your argument. Paste your essay into this tool, and you’ll know exactly how many words you have left to work with.

6. Check your grammar

Guide to Grammar and Writing: It’s very unlikely you’ll receive a good essay grade without good grammar. This grammar guide is very in depth, giving you all sorts of options from paragraph structure to specific sentence parts. You can even find help based on your level of study.

7. Cite correctly

Citation Machine: You need to get your citations just right, or you could be at risk of losing marks or even being picked up for plagiarism. To avoid this from happening, use this easy tool. It’ll help you create citations in your university’s preferred style without spending ages poring through its citation guide.

8. Check your voice and style

Grammark: Do you have issues with writing cohesively? This tool will help you out. Paste your work in, and it will pick up on all sorts of errors. It can tell you if you’re being too wordy, whether you’re using an academic style, and if you’re using the passive voice too often.

9. Proofread your work

Hemingway Editor: This proofreading tool is simple to use. Just paste your work in, and it will highlight any errors that have shown up. All you have to do then is go through and correct the highlighted sections.

10. Get a second opinion

Autocrit: Having someone critique your work is essential to getting the best grades. You may not always have access to someone else who can help, though. This tool stands in place of that second person, and will give good feedback on your work.

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